The Learning Process

3 minutes
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A little bit about the learning process before we get started. Learning is is difficult. It's not always smooth. And if you think of your learning process, the process of learning art here, as like remodeling your apartment or your house, well, with your house, you know where everything is. It's comfortable, you know what food is, you know where to sleep. And let's say I come in to remodel and I move the food, I removed the food, I moved the bed around and take things apart.

What are you going to have while you're gonna be uncomfortable, because you won't know where everything is, and it's gonna be a mess. And really, that's how the process is. It's messy. So I want to encourage you to get messy, get really messy, and it's okay. It's supposed to be a mess. If you everything you know about art is on, let's say, your computer hard drive and your hard drive.

You've got everything you know about art there. And then you take a class. And all this gigabytes of information is on your hard drive. But you take a class and basically it's going to replace information now. So if your hard drive is full of information that you're comfortable with, you know, you know how to use, you're doing pretty good. What happens when you put new info in?

You're gonna have to reorganize that hard drive in some way. So you're going to have to delete some files, and which ones are you going to delete? Are you going to keep the new information or you can stay with the old information. So you have some choices to make And there's there's resistance in that process of learning, right? There's a lot of resistance and push pull. And so and there's that reorganization, which which leaves everything a mess.

So it's messy, be messy, okay? It's okay. Make that room messy or remodel that house, and then little by little, put it back together. So in the beginning, you won't be making great drawings, maybe, maybe you will, maybe you won't. But as you're learning, your drawings will tend to probably go down because you're, again, getting rid of some old information and making room for new information. Your drawings may go down for a little while.

So don't expect them to be great. Just give yourself a break. be easy with yourself in this learning process. And then I think it'll make it a little bit better. Okay. All right.

So let's move on to the Module

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