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Introduction to Rapid Assault Tactics. When an attacker comes at you using their arms, use this “de-fanging the snake” destruction to effectively protect yourself.
Learn how to correctly do the straight blast and combine it with the first destruction for a powerful defense.
Learn when and how to correctly perform several effective low-lying kicks, such as the Thai kick, Savate kick, and the Scoop kick.
Learn to use the Pak Lop Sal, or Slappy Hand, technique correctly.
Elbows are potent weapons. Practice these elbow drills to use them effectively.
Take any attacker out of commission with these techniques. Learn the correct techniques and sequences to use them effectively.
Defend yourself against kicking attackers and deliver damage with leg destructions.
Learn how to escape from situations where you find yourself on the ground.
Practice close-combat drills to stop attackers that get in close.
Combine your destruction, blast, and Pak Lop Sal while keeping it moving.
Use what you’ve learned so far. Use your destructions, blast and various kicks in sequence for a 1-2-3 technique.
Understand and escape from the 3 guard positions when you find yourself on the ground.
Learn to work off the hook line. Initially, learn how to hit and then go into the blast. Then, practice with head-butts, kicks, jabs, and knees.
Learn to work off the blast. The first section teaches how to properly headbutt off the blast. The second section works on knees of the blast, and the third teaches working elbows off the blast.
Use your arms, hands, kicks, head, elbows, and knees to incapacitate and terminate an attacker using all the skills and sequences you’ve learned.

About the instructors

Dave Durch

Martial Artist with 50+ years of experience
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You won't find a teacher more qualified than Sifu Dave Durch. Dave has studied and taught martial arts, street fighting, and self-defense for over 50 years. He holds 4 black belts, has taught Police, SWAT teams, and Navy Seals.  You can read more about him on his website or iMDB.

His teaching style is the hallmark of all great teachers throughout history: You don't just learn, you get inspired. Dave coaches you to find your own greatness deep within and bring it forth to shine as a beacon for all.

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