Part 1: Introduction

6 minutes
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Computerized string, a holistic solution. Hi, I'm Dr. Mark Grossman. For over 40 years I've been an eye doctor working with people to improve their eyesight and reduce eyestrain. And what is the number one problem people come in with computer eyestrain? When I started practice, they were not computers. The world wasn't cell phones.

And now the computer and the cell phones have become the eye doctors best friend. Why? Because it creates more problems in eyestrain and prescriptions than any other reason. But today, we are going to talk about how you can work with this holistic solution for this that incorporates nutrition, eye exercises, body exercises, screen ideas, so I welcome you to our computer eyestrain, a holistic system By the end of this course, you should understand the causes and effects of extended computer usage. You will be aware of the risks associated with extended computer usage. You will possess knowledge of the biological factors that affect you in computerized strain.

And even better, you will have a holistic set of tools you can immediately use to help reduce your computer induced eyestrain. Because, as we know, computers and cell phones are part of our life today. Introduction first I'm going to talk about the terminology, the statistics and our goals. How the eye stays rested, I movements as you move your eyes back and forth from Word to word or sentence to sentence. This is called the succot. The blink rate and how your eye gets moist cured.

Because a lot of people who have computer eyestrain have dry eyes, how the muscles of the eye get affected, and the pathology of computerized strain and eye movements and distance and the effects of blue light on our health and our our and our eyes. What are the consequences of computerized drain? glaucoma, dry eye syndrome? photoreceptor damage. The blue light coming from our cell phones and the computers can damage our rods and cones. eye cancer, even insomnia.

Can you believe that just in what but working on the computer can affect how you sleep damage to your retina, especially the macula area of your retina. And to remember to take breaks. What are the signs and symptoms of computerized strain? What are the conventional treatments, the ergonomics, the different software's vision therapy, eye exercises, and special eyeglass lenses for the computer. Your complimentary holistic approach will incorporate ergonomics, nutrition and diet, lifestyle changes, yoga and stretching your body. Rest and I exercises special amber colored lenses.

How environmental light that 20 2020 rule. Different software's remembering to breathe, remembering to drink and remembering to blink. Introduction Computer eyestrain causes computer vision syndrome as the Nokia which is a term for eyestrain, and specifically digitalized strain. These are all the different terminologies that have to do with how our eyes get affected on the computer. The question is, what is computer eyestrain? Several I envision related problems that result from Pro long computer, smartphone, tablet ereader and TV use.

That is the definition of computer eyestrain. What are the statistics about computer eyestrain? As I mentioned before, computerized doing is the number one not number two, number one visual complaint in the United States. This is the reason that most people come in to see me as an eye doctor. This consists of a combination of vision problems typically noticed during and after long hours on the computer. Do you know that 70% of American adults are now using a smartphone on a daily basis?

Over 250 million smartphone users in the United States in 2018. Wow. 60% of those 250 million smartphone users report eyestrain in the form of eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, blurry vision, or shoulder neck pain. On the average, Americans aged 18 and older, spend more than 11 hours per day, using a computer watching television or videos or using a cell phone and other electronic devices. And this isn't just in United States. This is a world wide epidemic of what's going on.

On on our eyes, our bodies and relating to the computer and our cell phones. digital devices are here to stay. Few users are aware of the dangers they pose to eye health.

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