Part 5: Conventional Treatment

6 minutes
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What is the conventional way of treating this eyestrain condition? Set up your workstation properly to reduce computer eyestrain. I'm a big proponent of the standing desk. get evaluated by your eye doctor annually to make sure your prescription if needed is accurate, especially for the distance that you work on the computer. Three, ensure proper lighting, viewing angles, the use of anti glare screens, seating that supports correct posture. If you're going to be sitting while working on the computer.

Take regular rest breaks and exercise breaks. And remember to blink and breathe frequently. And consider a vision therapy exercise program to treat eyestrain symptoms. Vision therapy also called Vision training is a structured program of visual activities prescribed to improve visual abilities. To find a local vision therapist near you, you can go to Also in a conventional treatment checklist, obtain blue light filtering eyeglasses, as we talked about.

This can also be part of your regular prescription glasses are used by those without prescription. And this is particularly important for children and young adults, as they are more prone to islands and retinal damage over time from excessive exposure to blue light. Their melanin production is not yet at 100% which is what we use to protect our eyes from the blue light. This is something else you can do set up built in blue light filtering software on your Mac or PC or called just get enable night mode on your Windows PC, Android phone or iPhone and adjust the screen brightness and contrast as needed. I know that on my computer I have to cut the contrast and brightness to about 50% why immediately feel eyestrain so find what's perfect for you. ergonomics, what is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of fitting jobs to people. Effective ergonomics design, coupled with good posture can reduce employee injuries and increase job satisfaction and productivity. creating and maintaining a good ergonomic working arrangement is important to protect your overall and physical health. Computer ergonomics see the diagrams on your screen. Your eyes should be approximately at the level of the top of the screen. Your elbows should be at 90 degrees and your wrist should be straight.

Avoided avoid eye strain with your laptop. Because laptops allow you to work anywhere, but they're designed does require attention to the ergonomics. The risk of strain to the eyes, neck, shoulders and arms is actually higher with laptops than with desktop computers, because you cannot locate the keyboard and screen at appropriate levels. So consider using an external monitor or getting a laptop stand with a mouse and a keyboard. These are good ideas for you to try to reduce the computer eyestrain because if we don't set up their ergonomics right then eyestrain is totally likely more to happen. But if you have to work on your lap, adjust your screen to the angle that lessens your need to bend your neck and try to reduce the reflections from Windows lights etc.

So what's a good way to reduce the strain on your eyes while on the computer? an easy fix is to increase the font size. On your screen you'll see directions on how to do that for your PCs and on your Mac computers. Because trying to see uncomfortably small funds can actually raise your blood pressure and your stress level. So increase the font size to make it easier on your eyes. Now how to turn on the night mode in Windows 10.

First, open up the start menu. Click the gear icon to bring up the Settings menu. Choose system select Display. toggle the nightlight switched on and click nightlight settings to adjust the level of blue displayed or determine the time for the nightlight to activate automatically. Look on your screen for the specific directions for this and for an in depth tutorial. You can see the link for that.

How to enable on your Mac, the night shift. This feature is available for Mac OS Sierra and the newer versions. Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Select the displays pane click on the night shift tab. Click on the schedule menu, to sunset to sunrise to have night shift turning On and off automatically at nighttime. And for more in depth tutorial, look on your screen for the link to be able to find that on your computer.

If your computer does not have a built in filter, this is how you can install flux blue light filtering software. First, go to www dot just get flux calm. to click on Download flux. Three follow the instructions will show up on your screen. This is a really good way to help with the blue light while working on your computer.

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