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Free My Back - 7 Steps to Freedom From Chronic Back Pain

Learn 7 basic and easy to implement steps to resolving your chronic back pain today including how your sacroiliac joint is the foundation of your body, resolving muscle spasms, using tools for trigger points and ideal exercises for core strength.

Free My Back - 7 Steps to Freedom From Chronic Back Pain

Learn 7 basic and easy to implement steps to resolving your chronic back pain today including how your sacroiliac joint is the foundation of your body, resolving muscle spasms, using tools for trigger points and ideal exercises for core strength.
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What's included in the class?

 7 video lessons
 7 documents

About the Class

There is SO MUCH information out there proposing to resolve chronic pain and it seems like a lot just contradicts itself. I know because I have been there searching through volumes of information to find the right answers that made sense and worked. This 7 step program came together as a result of my sheer determination to resolve my own chronic back pain. I have been a practicing physical therapist since 2001, and it has always been my mission to get people out of pain. When I was living with back pain I hid it from the world. I did not let anyone know just how severe it was because I felt embarrassed I could not solve it. Resolving back pain was supposed to be my specialty, not my problem.

Looking back on it all, my pain experience is what made me an EXPERT in resolving chronic back pain. I could relate to what my patients were feeling. Experiences such as not being able to get out of bed or not being able to get in and out of a car. Feeling afraid to bend over and pick something up off the floor even if it as light as a pen. Dreading cars because of the unknown of how you are going to get out of it (if you could get in to begin with). The awful feeling of not being able to get out of a chair at a restaurant without ALOT of help. All this pain just made life extremely difficult and overwhelming at times. Tasks that were once simple filled me with anxiety about the pain. I dreaded walking, standing and sometimes even lying down... ugh my back just ached. 

Having back pain can be a very lonely experience because on the outside you look "normal", but on the inside, you feel broken and unable to focus on anything except managing the pain. Very few, if anybody, really get it. Many doctors figure if you take some pills then the pain should magically disappear, and you hope it is true, but it isn't. It can even feel like they blame you when the pain does not go away with the pills. This is NOT true... the pain is NOT your fault. This frustration of not being understood by your doctor is only compounded by the disappointment of not being active with your family and friends going on hikes, playing ball, going to restaurants or shows. Work can be overwhelming because it is hard to get the same amount done in a day and if you do then you feel exhausted. I know how that feels because I did it too. 

I was determined NOT to live like that for the rest of my life. I did not want to live on medications and my body did not handle them well anyway. Surgery? I was terrified of surgery and would not even consider that an option. I am sure you can relate to all these fears and frustrations. 

It was a long time coming, but I slowly discovered "steps" in resolving my chronic back pain that was natural and avoided the use of medications or surgery. As I got positive results on myself, I used the strategies with my patients and many times their results were better than my own. Over the course of 7 or more years, the 7 Steps to Freedom from Chronic Back Pain was formed, which eventually morphed into a book and an online course. A free e-book version of the book can be found on A hardcopy version of the book can be found for sale on Amazon just do a quick search for it. 

It is true you could just live with the pain. Anybody could learn to live with pain; but why would they want to? Why would anybody want to live with a lifetime of restrictions if there were better options? It is true you would survive, but living life is more than just surviving. Think about it... is survival your MAIN goal in life?

Why miss out on a lifetime of rewarding and fun experiences just because your back hurts. Your friends and family want you with them when doing fun things like going to ball games, concerts, traveling or just a simple walk in the park. You will feel better about yourself when you can get back to putting 110% into your job without being exhausted from the pain. 

The 7 Steps to Freedom From Chronic Pain is a natural approach to resolving YOUR back pain. The points that you will learn include (but not limited to):

  • How the pelvic region is the foundation of most back pain
  • You can resolve muscle spasms with a natural muscle relaxer that is an everyday mineral and also with specific breathing technique
  • How to retrain your back to move the way it was designed and then develop muscles to support it again
  • That the mental emotional side of pain is huge because pain, especially chronic pain, is a VERY emotional experience. Then learn a deceptively easy approach to manage the effects of the emotions on the pain. 

You will be taken through the steps in an easy to follow format. It is designed so that you can implement each of the steps in the comfort of your own home because leaving the house with back pain can be nearly impossible at times. The format is ideal for someone such as yourself who suffers from back pain because you can pause it when you need, change chairs, positions, rooms and basically learn at your own pace.  

The best thing about this program is you have the benefit of getting the information without having to peruse through volumes of information for 7 years as I did. I did all the heavy lifting for you with my discriminating medical background sorting the bunk from the value. Then I put all the information in a single place just for you... Right here in the Free My Back Course. 


Lisa Marie Keller, MPT

Class Requirements

An open mind and a willingness to do what it takes to resolve your pain. 

Class Authors

Lisa Marie Keller, Mpt

Physical Therapist
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As a pain management specialist, Lisa Marie Keller has been working as a Physical Therapist resolving the pain of her patients for a variety of conditions including but not limited to chronic back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, foot pain and even headaches for nearly 20 years. Following 7 years of traditional schooling to get her...
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