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Childhood trauma - blessing or curse?

Start your journey of healing and find your inner peace. No more stress, no more PTSD, no more anger.

Childhood trauma - blessing or curse?

Start your journey of healing and find your inner peace. No more stress, no more PTSD, no more anger.
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  • Do you want to find out if you suffer from childhood trauma?
  • Do you want to learn the basics of childhood trauma, PTSD and chronic stress?
  • And most important: you want to know what really helps you?

In this course, you won't get promises such as "use the wonder method to get fully healed".

Childhood trauma is a serious issue that needs professional help.

  • In this course, you'll get an idea, where to start on your own and where to get professional help.
  • You'll also learn, what the crucial keys to healing are and how you can use them.
  • With a scientific and professional questionnaire, we will help you to understand if you suffer from childhood trauma.
  • You'll get solid know-how on the basics of childhood trauma.
  • We'll show you different solutions that will support your healing process.

This course is for:

  • People who suffer from childhood trauma.
  • People who want to learn basics on childhood trauma.
  • People who want to support relatives or friends.
You will learn:
  • Understand the keys to healing.
  • Know where to find help.
  • Understand the basics of childhood trauma.
  • Get answers if you suffer from childhood trauma.
  • Self-check through a professional questionnaire.
  • Take action steps and know where to begin.
  • Understand how a healing process works.
  • Understand the difference between childhood trauma, PTSD and chronic stress.

This course comes with:

    ✔ Lifetime access to the content

    ✔ Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

I'm looking forward to see you in the course!



No special requirements.

About the instructors

Henry Bucko

Certified stress management counselor
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My goal is to make you fit and efficient!

As a certified trainer, coach and seminar leader I help private individualsand companies to improve their productivity. One of my priorities is stress management. Due to my many years of work in banking and education, valuable experience in the field of leadership also flies by.

Since my own burnout illness in 2009, I have not only taught self-knowledge and strategies in the area of ​​stress management, but also completed some training. Since 2016 I am the founder and owner of my own company and now pass on my expertise in stress management and burnout prevention in private coaching, seminars and courses.

In my courses, you will become an expert in stress management. The content is always developed on the latest, scientific background. Great emphasis is placed on practical knowledge with many exercises and further sources.

You get my best tips that have proven themselves in practice, are easy to implement and enable sustainable success.

Whether questions, feedback or critics - I look forward to your message. I'm looking forward to hearing from you - see you soon in my classes!


Best regards,



My training:

Certified Trainer for Stress Regulation SABL

Certified HRV Professional by Autonom Health ® GmbH

European Foundation Certificate in Banking (UBS Switzerland)

Zurich University of Education (PHZH) B.A.

Cambridge certificate C1


Professional background:

Company founder and CEO Stresspoint

Coaching and implementation of company seminars

15 years elementary school teacher Zurich u.U.

2 years banker UBS

Planning and conducting seminars, workshops in adult education

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