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In this video, we're gonna go over how to create reflections. So do you see this beautiful reflections here? Well, we're gonna make him even better. So here are my settings 13 seconds, f 16, ISO 50. And I shot this really, really wide with my wide angle A 14 to 24. And now the the reflections are really, really nice as they are, but we can make them a little bit nicer and it's really, really easy.

People are constantly emailing me asking me how I get those reflections in my photos. Well, it does come from the water, but we do a cool little trick here in Photoshop. So we're going to right click and then we're going to Edit in and then we're gonna, we're going to go to Adobe Photoshop. So once it sends it to Photoshop, we can start the editing process. So first things first, we're going to pick this little box and we're going to highlight for hold your mouse down and we're going to go from the top to the bottom of this bridge. All right, once we do that, we're going to press Command J, that will duplicate my layer.

And now I'm going to right click Free Transform. Right click again, and Flip Vertical. So what that does that flips my image, upside down and now I'm going to drag it down. I'm going to put it at the bottom of the bridge, see on my right hand side, I'm just going to actually I can even go up a little bit, don't worry about overlapping it. That's not a problem. That's part of my technique I use for this.

So we'll put it right about there. That looks really good. And now, at this point, I am going to press the check mark to place it in there. And I'm going to come to filter. I'm going to come to my Blur Gallery over here and I'm going to go to a motion blur. Now there are a lot of ways to do this.

I like to use motion blur. Make sure your angle is 90 degrees, negative 90. That make sure they're they're parallel that is match. And here you can do you can do the How much blurrier you want so you can do a whole lot or not too much. And I think maybe this is totally up to you. This is your creativity here.

So maybe like 220 I like that. Make sure your previous always check so you can see what you're doing. We'll click OK. And that looks really nice. Now, if you click twice on this, you will have all this blending options. Here you control your opacity and I 100% is good. And then your your blending up here.

This because you want to fade it in the water a little bit. So maybe nine to maybe that's that looks good. So click OK. And now we're going to add another layer mask. So you're going to come down here and you're going to add another layer mask. And now you're going to click on it, you're going to come to a brush, a brush tool to make sure this is on the black. And now we're going to start taking this off.

And don't worry if you do too much, you can always get it back by simply clicking this little arrow and going to the white. And here you can just do this a little bit. And then we're gonna come down here Get the bottom of that bridge. I think that looks good, but we still want to fade it a little more. So we'll click on that. And we're going to feather it in a little bit.

See this feather? So we're gonna bring it up right about there. Okay, now we close out of that. And now we can go back to black. And we can just get rid of everything that's on this buildings. We don't want it on the buildings.

We just want it on the water. And it's nice and faded now. I'm feather and I think that looks really nice. Now another way to touch to finish it up, click on appear. And now you're going to click this little box. What that does, it's going to, you're going to be able to control the exposure of just the bottom of the photo.

So now you can, you know, tone it down a little bit or make it brighter. Maybe right about there. And again, this is entirely taste entirely up to you. So take it with it. The more you do it, of course, the better you'll become at it, but I think that looks good. So we'll click out of that and that looks really nice.

Let me maybe we can click back on this. And let me see the maybe like right about there. Do you want it to be kind of kindness I mean, there's nothing subtle about it but you at least want to make it so it looks realistic. I think it looks good. So now you're going to come up here to file and press save. And now this is saving it as you can see, now go back to Lightroom then there it is saved in your Lightroom and now all these settings are reset again and you can even keep editing it.

You can edit it a little more here in Lightroom you know entirely up to you up to taste. And that's it guys. So super easy way to create. To create this beautiful reflections. I do them to most of my most of my cityscapes after I learned how to do it, it becomes quite addicting because it does look so cool. And often the water at least here in Miami is not calm enough to create this sort of reflections if you're in a in in a lake, you can get this card this kind of look straight out of the camera.

But here the waves are so, so much you'd have to shoot a very long exposure. So with Photoshop and this little trick, it makes it quite easy to create beautiful reflections.

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