Lesson 14 Leading With The Left Hand

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
4 minutes
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By now you've already gathered that whatever we learn for the right hand, we're also going to learn for the left hand. I'm not one of these teachers that saves left hand practice for later because it's better to just jump right in and learn it right from the beginning. Okay, watch me. All right. Did that scare you a little bit because the left hand is doing stuff. If your left hand dominant, you're gonna say no, not at all I love using my left hand.

Anyway, don't don't let any of this scare you at most, you'll just have to practice it, but that's why you're playing the piano because practicing is playing the piano. Okay, so left hand watch. I won't repeat that and the right hand. Okay, so you know both of these hands. Now we're going to put them together. Let's jump in and do that together.

Right here on first finger on middle C, left hand, fifth finger on the C below middle C. You can See that both C's are lined up vertically one on top of the other, so that means they play at the same time. So let's play them. Now right again, just let it sit on that middle seat, left hand, step it up. Now, fifth finger on G, radial left hand, first finger on G Play. Right hand stays where it is left hand steps down. Now here, right hand lifts because we have that whole rest left hand play.

Both hands, both thumbs at the same time. Right hand stays where it is left hand lifts, left hand plays, left hand lifts. Let's not do the repeat this time. How'd you do? Let's play it again. This time, I won't talk as much and this time we will do the repeat.

Okay, so right hand thumb, first finger on middle C left hand facing Round those see, one, two, ready, play. Prepare uranium the right hand, right hand. Left hand. Yeah, repeat both the right hand, left, together, Left Left hand, left hand, okay. You might need to practice that again. Maybe even a day or two or three That's perfectly okay.

Pause here and practice come back. When you've pretty much got it doesn't have to be perfect, but you want to kind of feel like you're in control. You're doing great. From now on. In this course we'll be getting lots and lots of practice playing hands together. So let's keep going.

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