Exercise 17 Reading New Notes On The Bass Staff

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
4 minutes
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You know that we're going to play out the left hand now. It's the same thing that we just played with our right hand. And starting on G watch me first. Just a note here about watching me even if we're doing something that you know you can play with me right from the get go. It's still really important to watch and listen, why is that? Because when you're playing with me, your attention is on what you're doing.

And so you're not really watching my physical action. And the reason that's important is for Remember that we learn by watching and listening and copying. So while you may know that the notes I'm going to play are easiest, so I want you to always watch and kind of put in your memory banks, how it looks to play these notes. So I'm not playing like this. You notice the difference. I'm playing the same exact notes I just did.

But we don't want to play like this. This gives us a very big disadvantage. All right. So watching is super important. Even if you know that what I'm about to play is pretty easy for you by this point, okay, so watch and see how closely you can copy what I'm doing, keeping in mind that my body is very comfortable at the piano, because I've been doing it basically my entire life. So you may have to think more than I am.

You will have to think more and more than I am and really feel what you're doing. So it's not just Matter of playing the notes, playing, I always tell my students playing the notes is important, but it's not number one on the list. It's how you play. Just like imagine if somebody gave you a present. It's nice to have a present. But if they just shoved it at you and walked away, like they knew they had to get you something so they did.

It doesn't feel so right doesn't feel as good. As if they give it to you and say, I hope you enjoy this in good health. I had such a beautiful time choosing it for you, I know you're gonna love it, that sort of thing. So it's not just what you do. That matters. It's how you do it.

So please get away from the idea of just playing the right notes. It's, it's not the most important thing, although it's very important. Most important is how are you playing What is your technique because you're going to take your technique with you no matter what you play. So you can play one song with the right notes with incorrect technique, then you get to the next song you still have your incorrect technique and you notice that you can't play very well because that technique is keeping you from being able to go fast or whatever. Okay? So technique is number one because it determines how you play anything.

Alright, lecture over, but I mean it. Alright. Are you ready to play with me? Find fifth finger on the G below middle C. So how did we find that? Here's the middle C. Let's count down. C, B, A, G. Here it is.

And if you're using the mnemonic, and it is all cows eat grass, this is the grasp portion. Okay, fifth finger all count us off, and then we'll play together. 1234 How did that feel? If your right hand dominant, this felt a little bit weaker than the right hand part. So practice that with me as many times as you like, and then when you're ready, practice on your own. Continuing our journey around the keyboard, we read and played some low notes on the bass staff.

Remember that when you play and save the note names out loud, you're actually speeding up the learning process. Everything I asked you to do, directly leads to the quickest and most reliable way of learning to read music and to play the piano.

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