Lesson 34 Landmark Notes

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play On The Black Keys!
5 minutes
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Now we'll play the same piece, but the left hand is doing all the action and the right hand has the rests. watch me play at once. Again, we have black keys. In this case, that's F sharp. How do we find our first note? Well remember good bikes don't fall apart.

So this is the don't the D. Or we can use something that is called a landmark note. What's a landmark note, let's take a look at the bass clef. We know that the bass clef has this curvy part and the two dots. If we look at the line between the two dots, that line is where the note f sits good bikes don't fall apart, it's the F line. You can quickly find the line between the two dots and remember that it's s. From there you can go either higher or lower. To find the note that you're looking for.

There's no one right way to find your notes. Use whatever works for you, and eventually you'll become very familiar with With most of the notes on the staff, in this case, if we use the landmark note F, and go down F, E, D, we come to our first node D. Either way, if you use, good bikes don't fall apart, or if you find your landmark note F and count down, we come to a D, and we see the number five. So fifth finger, find your spot, and let's play together. You can just copy what I'm doing on your screen. I'll count to 3123. Skip up to your F sharp skip.

Now we repeat that note repeated again, and then step down, remembering to play the black key for the F sharp. Now we've got two notes at once the D and the F sharp. playing together. This might be challenging Technically, you might find that you're doing something like this. It's okay for now. We'll work on that later.

If you want to try to play it together, lean your head a little bit more toward your shorter finger, your fifth finger. That way, it's a little easier when you help out the little finger. Then you repeat that. Now we keep the bottom note the same, there's our D, and we've got a on top, good mix don't fall apart. And then back to your F sharp, still the D on the bottom. Play that divide.

So all the way to your highest, skip down, skip down. Now repeat that and I won't talk this time. Here we go. One thing to notice before I let you practice on your own or repeat with me again, when we play the D and E, F sharp, we see that we have to play them again. So we have to lift them both up. And then for the next measure, we have to play the D again, we have to lift that up.

So on the piano, you can't re it's called attack, which is a really unfortunate word, you can't re attack a key unless you live off of it. Okay, attack means like, I hate that word, but attack because it has. It's so different from the feeling of playing, we're not attacking the keys, but attack in the sense that that's when the notes starts. So the attack is the starting of the notes. So if you have to Repeat the same note. You have to let it go.

Okay, when you're ready, play this on your own and then come back. We already know that we can use memory devices, or counting up and down on the lines and spaces of the staff. To find the names of notes. We can also use something called landmark notes. The usual landmark notes are based F, middle C, and treble G. If you know these three notes by sight, you can use them as markers to help you find other notes on the staff by counting up or down on the lines and spaces and using the music alphabet

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