Lesson 39 Counting The New Way

5 minutes
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Great, now I'm going to play in count. Because eighth notes and a thrusts are shorter than one count, I need to have a slightly different way of counting watch. One, and two, and three, and four, and CDC that I still saying the one, the two, the three and a four. But I have to say something for that note that comes in between the number of parts of the beats. So in the United States, we say the word and I'm not sure maybe in Canada, they do too. If you are Canadian, let me know.

So one and two and, okay, I wonder, could we plant count this together? Because it's pretty much the same rhythm all the way through when you come to the measure that has the eighth rest The counting is the same. Watch, one, and two, and three, and four. And okay. I think you can do it with me. Find your first finger on E. Let's play and count out loud together.

Now we have to say and in between the numbers. I'll count us off. One, and two, and, three, and, four, and, one, and, two, and, three, and, four, and. One and, two, and, three, and, four, and. One, and, two, and, three, and four and one And, two, and, three, and four, and move up. One and two and, three, and, four, and.

One and, two and. Three, and. Four, and. One and. Two and. Three, and.

Four, and. One and. Two and, three, and four and repeat. One and, two and three and four. And, one and two, and, three, and, four, and, one and, two, and, three, and, four, and. One and, two and, three, and four.

And go up an octave one and two and, three, and four, and. One and. Two and, three, and, four and. One and two and three. And four, and one, and two, and three, and four. And I don't know about you, but I need some water.

Now, that's a lot I know. But you're learning to play eighth notes and eighth rests and to keep a steady beat and jumping around the keyboard, so you're doing quite a bit here you're achieving many many things with one exercise. Pause the video after you get a glass of water and play and count out loud, keeping a steady beat. eighth notes and eighth rests are called subdivisions of the beat. Meaning that we are dividing one beat into smaller parts. You can think of it in terms of money.

So if a quarter note were to be represented by $1 bill $1 bill and an eighth or S or an eighth note, were represented by a 50 cent piece, then whether you had a $1 bill, or 250 cent pieces wouldn't make any difference, you would still have $1. So whether you have a quarter note, or two eighth notes are an eighth note, an eighth rest, you still have one beat or one count, or you can think of a quarter note like one pizza. If you cut that pizza in half, you have two halves of the pizza, but you still have one pizza, right? So if a quarter note is one beat, or one pizza, and an eighth note or an eighth dress is half of a beat or half of the pizza, you would need two eighth notes or two halves them a pizza to equal one quarter note or one whole pizza.

I hope that helps.

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