Lesson 53 Let's Learn A New Exercise

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play More Advanced Exercises!
11 minutes
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Before I play this exercise for you, I want to point out that both hands are playing. And for the first time ever, they're playing different things. But here's what I want you to be aware of the left hand is playing something that we've already learned in another lesson. So that part's already handled. And now we're going to learn the right hand and then we're going to figure out how to put all these different things together. So I say all that because this might look a little bit scary at first, but I just want you to know that there are some familiar things happening here.

And I'll help you through as you know So you can see right that the left hand is this thing that we've already worked on. So that's good. We already know it. Now let's take a look at the right hand. Mostly we have very long notes, which is great. I'm gonna play the right hand and say the note and rest names out loud.

If you feel that you want to join me, that's great. But I recommend that you watch first and here's why. We're going to be moving around a little bit on the keyboard. So we're not just playing in one position, because that's not how piano is played. So imagine if even like a simple piece of chess, for least, watch how much it moves around. See how I'm moving all over the place.

So in piano, we don't just stay in one spot. Obviously we have 80 keys. So now we're going to start practicing how to move around. And that's why I want you to just watch the first time and see what fingers I'm using. Okay. Horace, and that's what I'm going to move the first finger another whole rest.

See. Now I'll pick up my hand and move a date D pick up again and move this finger to G And then seeing forest see whole rest. You might be wondering how do you know what fingers to use where for now I have the fingering written in for you. Let's take one step at a time. So just follow the fingering that's there. And the best way to practice is to do it in sections and to repeat.

So we're going to do that now. We're going to take the first three measures and practice them together. Alright, so fine, third finger on E. And we're gonna play that E and I want you to say e with me. The next note is up. E, F, G, let's hear and then second finger on D. Pretty easy. Let's do it again, saying the note names.

Now we can see the next measure has a whole rest and there's really no need to practice arrest. So let that one go. And look at measure five, now we're playing an E but with first finger, so take your first finger and move it to E. Let's play and say E. Now we have a G again, but this time notice it's a second finger. So get your second finger on G. Let's say the name, G. And then the next note up is a. Let's practice those three measures together. Here we go.

One more time. Now we're going to put that together for with what we already know, which is the first three measures and then we link them with that whole rest measure. So third finger on E going from the beginning, we're going to do all seven measures that we know so far. See the note names Shi t Haller s and that's when you move first finger to he. He did that feel? Let's practice it again.

Go back to your starting position. Ready, set, go. g rest, move first finger to eat. g Let's do it one more time and then we're gonna go on so from the beginning, a whole rest. Okay, what do we see now another whole rest. Let's practice the next two measures.

So we see fifth finger on C. And then we're going down CB aging. So first finger on F. Let's practice those two measures again. See, did again, see? All right, if we look at the next few measures we see it's kind of a similar pattern but using different notes. Fifth finger moves to a, a first finger on D. Let's play those two measures. A D, raising the note names out loud, that's gonna help you to start recognizing them if you haven't already gotten very comfortable yet.

Let's do it again, a D. Let's put it together from the measure with the C in it. Here we go. C see pick up from your room. Just a D, notice when I pick up I'm using the wrist, like a lever. I'm not doing the fingers. I'm not doing the whole arm.

It's the wrist. Okay, one more time starting from the measure that has the see. See? AD. Let's go from the beginning. Do you remember that was third finger on E. Make sure you say the note names out loud.

Here we go. rest of your first fingered a whole rest. Here's what we just practiced. See? D, we're not gonna go on, we're gonna go back and do that again. This is how you practice.

Little by little. third finger on E from the very beginning. Here we go. G, D, whole rest, pick up and move. See, pick up and move. Let's do it long.

One more time, just to be on the safe side, third finger on E. If this is too fast for you, you can always slow down the video. Ready? e Here we go. whole rest, pick up and move. A rest. See?

Okay, let's see what else we're doing. Pick up here, fifth finger on G. And from here, it's very easy. We're just stepping down one finger at a time as a, c, or us and then we play that C again. Let's play from the G. Here we go. G, seven. C. Forest.

C. forests. I think this one's easy because all you're doing is playing the notes going down. But let's do it one more time. Starting from G See, forest, forest. Now we're going to practice it from the beginning one time together. And then you're going to pause the video and practice that by yourself as many times as you need to start from the beginning one time through together.

Here we go. Just pick up and move. Pick up, see. Pick up, move. Pick up and move. Horace pick up florist Baker.

Now, before you go practice by yourself, I'm going to remind you two things. Number one, play slowly. Number two, say the note and Wrestling's out loud. I know it's a lot to think about, but it really speeds up the learning like you wouldn't believe. Okay? And remember that we practice in sections.

So you can still do that. And then you link up all the sections. Come back when you're ready. As we go forward with the course, we'll be working on increasingly challenging exercises. Don't worry, you've been preparing since lesson one and you're going to have a great time.

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