Lesson 31 Sharps

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play On The Black Keys!
5 minutes
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All right, we've got some new things happening. watch me play and then we'll talk about them. As you saw, I played some black keys and some to note chords. But on the sheet music or on your screen, we don't have any flat signs. Here, we have sharp signs. A sharp tells you to play that note one key to the right.

How's that different from a flat? Do you remember? That's right, the flat tells you to go one key to the left, the sharp tells you to go one key to the right. So if I look at that first measure, and I take away the sharp, it would look like this and sound like this. See that F, a mental note in the measure the second note, so that's F. If I put the sharp back I have to go one key to the right. And we know that black key is a very next key to the right here, F sharp, so sharp goes to the right.

And just like a flat, a sharp note can be a while. Key or black key. So in this piece, the sharp is in front of the F. Here's F, here's F sharp, black key. But what if the sharp were in front of an E? Here's an E. Here's a sharp. What's another name for a sharp?

Yeah, it's F. But now you know that because of spelling reasons, calling it a sharp, or F, they're both correct, depending on the context. And we're not going to discuss the details of when a key might be called, for example, F sharp incentive II, again, because that's kind of an advanced topic and this course is designed to get your reading and playing as quickly as possible. And you don't really need to understand all the details of music theory in order to do that. Okay, let's play this piece together. Our first note is on the space below. He every good burger deserves fries, remember that so he would be here, and this note is directly below.

So that's D, which is the letter before E and the alphabet. And we use the first finger, we know that because of that one on D, put your first finger on it, and let's go. This time I'm going to do a different count off. Remember before I was counting 1234 before we started, but now I'm going to count 123. And we'll talk about why in a few minutes. For now, let's play together.

You can watch my piano and follow or if you feel pretty comfortable reading the music and following that's good too either way 123. Now we've got two notes at once the D and the F sharp Remember, we said that a flat last for the entire measure so does a sharp, F sharp as well. Now the bar line canceled the sharp so if I want to play sharp again F sharp I have to put another one in this measure. Let's repeat because of the repeat sign. So we're skipping up. We already know about skipping up a black key there.

Repeat that note again and now we're stepping down. Here's the D and the F sharp, a two note chord. Repeat it the D stays the same. We add an A on top. Back to our Dan F sharp Now finish it off by skipping down. Oh, that's a lot.

Again, remember, you can repeat with me as many times as you need to. I keep saying that because I don't want you to feel like you need to get ahead quickly. It's it's not about speed. It's about understanding. You want to build a good solid foundation and then from there, you can use that solid foundation to build a huge skyscraper. When you're ready.

Pause the video and play this on your own. Remember to do the repeat. Lots of new stuff in this lesson we learned about sharps playing with three beats in each measure and reading and playing to note chords, review as many times as you need to, and go back to earlier lessons if you need to remember things that you might have forgotten

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