Lesson 54 Let's Play And Count

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play More Advanced Exercises!
3 minutes
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Now we're going to play that right hand because now we know where everything goes hopefully are pretty pretty well. And we'll count the beats these counts are really easy just 123 watch me once if you like, or you can join me right away. So here we go. 123123123123 1-231-231-2312 312-312-3123 1-231-231-2312 312-312-3123 as we discussed in an earlier lesson, when you have a note, and let's say it's F, and you have to move somewhere else on the piano for the next measure, you have to shave some of the timing of this note so that you get here on time. So if you were to play 123123, and try to hurry, that would not be a good way to approach the piano. So we're always kind of cheating on the previous note to get to the next note on time.

Let's do that together. Make sure that you count with me. One, two, 123123 1-231-231-2312 312-312-3123 1-231-231-2312 312-312-3123 1231 Two, three. Okay, now go practice by yourself. counting out loud, playing it slowly enough that you can keep a steady beat. See you in the next lesson when we'll get to put both hands together

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