Lesson 22 Exercising The Left Hand

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
4 minutes
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Now play the same piece but the hands will have reversed roles on the left hand will be playing the moving notes and the right hand will be holding. Watch the first hands play together. Right hand holds, left hand moves up. Now hands play together. Right hand holds, left hand steps down. Right hand lifts for the rest, left hand plays now together, right hand hold, left hand lift repeat Let's play it together.

Right hand, first finger on G, left hand, fifth finger on G. I'll count us off and we'll play together. 1234 repeat If you're having trouble keeping a steady beat, you should know by now, I hope that you do that. If you slow it down, it'll get easier. There's no hurry. When you're ready to go fast, you'll know it. But if you try to go fast before you're ready or faster than you're ready to, you're really just slowing down your own progress.

So save time. Practice slowly, until your body tells you your brain tells you Okay, we're ready to go fast. And the way you'll know it is you'll be able to play with a steady beat. You'll be sure what you're doing, there won't be a question mark in your mind as you're playing. Now play and count the beats 123412 341-234-1234 123 Far 123412 341-234-1234 Let's play and count out loud together. I'll go slower.

Find your starting notes. I'll count off 123412341234123 412-341-2341 123412341234 when you're ready to play and count out loud on your own, pause the video. If your right hand dominant, you might want to practice this lesson several times to give your left hand a chance to do its thing to catch up a little bit to what the right hand is capable of at this time. As we progress with this course. You'll be glad that you laid a good solid foundation with these easier lessons.

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