Lesson 42 8va And 8vb

6 minutes
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Now it's time to have some fun watch All right, as you can see, we're putting the hands together of what we practiced in the last two lessons. So there's nothing new here, other than both hands are doing their thing at the same time. Let's play together. Find your starting notes, E, first finger in the right hand, each fifth finger in the left hand. If you want to copy me that's fine. If you want to look at that.

Sheet music while glancing at what I'm doing, that's fine. Whatever works for you. We're not saying anything. We're just kind of getting used to these motions. Okay, we'll play it a little slower than what I just did. And we will definitely do the repeat because we can use the practice.

Alright, on count to four, and then we'll start 1234 it's just a tiny move, lift. Now we're gonna do that move down and You can take it slowly like that at first. Now let's go back to the center Down and up. What do you think? If that seemed like it was a little too fast for you, you have the option of slowing down any video in this course. So you can go half speed or three quarters speed, whatever works for you until you're ready to catch up at this speed.

Now, if you found that pretty easy, and you want to go faster, we're going to do it now. If you don't want to go faster, that's perfectly fine. You can skip ahead If you're ready for the challenge, join me. count us off 1234 All right, when you're ready to play that on your own, pause the video. You can play it slow or fast it really doesn't matter. Just aim to keep everything in your body as relaxed as possible and aim for accuracy of notes

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