Lesson 59 Playing Hands Together With Alberti Bass

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16 minutes
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Okay, now comes the exciting parts, which is playing the hands together. So the right hand, third finger is on a left hand, fifth finger is on See, I'm going to show you the first measure, watch first, you play together on the first beat. The right hand keeps holding while the left hand plays the remainder of the notes and then you play together on v3. Let's do that together. Find your starting point. third finger on a right hand, finger on see left hand.

Here we go play together. Hold the right hand, left hand. Both fingers play ready on holes. Left hand. Let's do that again. Ready?

Find your starting notes. Here we go. Measure two has the same idea, except with different notes. Are you still playing on v one together, watch me first. right hands holding while the left hand continues, finishes out that group of eighth notes. And then both fingers play together.

Right. Let's play that together. Right here on second finger on D, left hand, fifth finger on V. Ready, go. Play and then together. How did that feel? Let's put those two measures together from the beginning.

Find your starting notes. Ready, play. Let's do that again. Starting from the beginning. Ready go. From here, watch me for measure three, play together on beat one, and then the right hand hold.

Because I know that I'm gonna need to move up and prepare. Okay, let's do measure three together. We're gonna pick up left hand right around beat four, and move it to move the second finger to E. All right, both C's ready, measure three. Here we go. Okay, let's go for the beginning. First three measures.

Ready. Go. Pause the video here and practice that much. You might need to do it much, much slower than this or you might be able to go faster. One thing I want you to keep in mind always is that you want to plan what you're going to play, don't play and then evaluate whether it was right or wrong. I mean obviously if you make mistakes, you will do that.

But you want to anticipate where you're going and tell your fingers to go there. Let's do measure four. I'll play it first. Watch now right hands, again here. Let's do that together right here on second finger on E, left hand, fifth finger on C. Here we go play together. And now one more time.

Ready? Okay, great. Now we're gonna play the next measure. Watch me first. Okay, let's do it together. Starting notes third finger and the radian on s, fifth finger in the left hand on C. Ready, go.

Let's do that one more time. Ready? Go. Let's back it up and start from the previous measure. second finger right here on on E finger, left hand on C. Ready? Go.

Head out feel pretty good. Let's do it one more time. Just first line, starting notes. Ready, go. watch me play the next measure. Again, I'm going to pick up and move to be prepared for the next measure.

Let's do that together. Right hand, first finger on a left hand, fourth finger on D. Ready, go. Pick up your third finger to G, because that's where we're going to play next. One more time. Ready? Okay, let's put these three measures together.

Right hand, second finger on a left hand finger on See, here we go. Pause the video here, practice these three measures. And when you're ready to move on, come back So now we're going to play from the beginning through the first six measures. Remember the right hand starts on a third finger, left hand starts on the fifth finger. Ready? Go.

How did that feel? Play with me as many times as you need to and then pause the video and practice just that much. Okay, it's time to finish out this piece we're getting there. Good job. Great for sticking with it. Watch me first I'm going to play this measure.

Pick up on beat four because I need to play it with me. third finger on G right hand, finger on the left hand. Ready, play Pick up your right hand here. Let's do that again. Ready? Go.

Watch me play the next measure. That looks familiar. It should. It's the same as measure one. So we already know it. Let's play it together.

Ready? Go. That's an old friend. Right. Let's put together the last two measures that we just practiced. third finger on G right hand, fifth finger on the left hand.

Ready? Go. Pick up your union and move. Now, watch as I finish out the piece, both hands play, see right hand holds. Left hand picks up and moves. Let's play that last measure together.

Ready? Go. Right hand. Left hand picks up and moves. That's pretty easy, right? Let's play these last three measures.

Ready? right hands our finger on G, left hand finger on B. Here we go. With down to the low C. Let's see that one more time. Right? Yeah, third finger on G. Left hand, fifth finger on Be ready, go.

Pick up left hand and move. pause and practice that much on your own and then come back. We're going to put the whole thing together. Are you ready? This is very exciting. You can do great.

Third finger right hand on E finger, left hand omsi. All right, let's do this. Ready? Start. Pick up your idea and move it to TJ you go Let's see. Okay, again, play it out with me as many times as you need to.

All right, there's really no hurry, just whenever you're ready, pause the video here and practice that on your own. Now we're really working on independence of the hands. Don't worry if it takes you a while to get the coordination. There are so many physical and mental components that need to work together when we play hands together, and you need to be patient with yourself to allow all these processes to fall into place and then to feel comfortable and after that it feels like second nature. Be patient. Stick with it.

Keep practicing and you will definitely get better at it.

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