Lesson 40 8vb

6 minutes
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Left hand we already know that we're going to be playing sharps naturals flats. Notice here, I didn't say in the last lesson, but we can call this note G sharp and a flat and they're both correct. All right, I'm gonna play it and there's only one thing here that's different from what we learned in the right hand. I wonder if you'll be able to spot it up late without repeating so I can save a little bit of time. Watch If I were to repeat I'd come back here and do it all again. I said there's one thing different.

When I say that to my my students who are children, they're always telling me Well, it's the left hand that's playing. Yes, it's true. It's the left hand, and it is down an octave what the right hand started. But other than that, there's one other thing that's different. Do you remember when we played the right hand? We went up an octave when we saw the hva above the group of notes.

So what did I do in this piece, I went down an octave instead of up an octave And here we have an eight v b instead of eight VA, and the eight VB is underneath the notes, along with its dotted lines, whereas the eight VA was above the notes. So, obviously, the APB tells us to go down an octave instead of up an octave. And we call this eight VB and other Italian name, or tava Bossa. So it's like the tava, which is it VA, but then we add the word Bossa going lower. It's usually written underneath the group of notes and then again, the dotted line extends, as far as we want it to apply to the group of notes. And when the dotted line ends, then you play those notes where they're written.

So you already know how to play this piece. Now it's time to teach it to your left hand. Let's play it together. And let's see the note names. Fifth finger on E. I'll count us off one 234 C sharp, B, G sharp, G natural B, chain pick up and move the finger to F, F, A flat, C, E flat, F, a natural see a thing of that finger move it to G, G, A thrust, B, A thrust, a, a thrust, see a thrust first finger, B, B, C, A, G, A thrust, G, A thrust now, this is written here on the staff but the eight DB Otama basa tells us to play an octave lower. So, we're gonna go all the way down here.

Let's play I'd say those note names. E, G, sharp, B, G sharp, E, G, B, G, F finger, a flat, C, a flat. A, you can call it a natural few up but it's not necessary. See, a pick up the finger move it to G, G, A thrust, be a thrust, a, a thrust, see a thrust, D, B, C, A, G, A thrust, G, A thrust, here's a repeat sign we got back to playing the words written because there's no acaba basa. Here. G sharp, B cheese sharp, G, B, G, F, A flat, C, E flat, C, A, G, trust me, a trust a trust C, eighth rest, D, B, C, A, G, A trust, G, a threat score all the way down IE, G sharp, B, G sharp, E, G, B, G, F, A flat, C, E flat f See?

A trust a trust. A trust, see a trust the same GG okay pause the video, play and save the note and rest names on your own. Now you know that they are Tavis sign and the top of Bossa sign are shorthand ways of writing higher or lower notes. So you can write notes that are on the staff and put an eight VA or an eight VB to refer to those notes and you play those notes either an octave higher or an octave lower. We'll practice reading and playing both of these signs in the next lesson.

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