Lesson 72 Let's Play Ode To Joy!

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Learn To Use The Pedal!
4 minutes
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Now we're going to add the counting. When we do the whole piece, I'll count to get a started. One and two and three and four and 123 and four and 123 and 1234 and 12341234123 and, one and two and three and four 1234343431 and three, and four, and 123 and four, and one, two, and three and 12341234 Pause the video here playing count out loud keeping us NDB and when you come back, we're going to add the 14 the piano and play quicker. Alright, so now we see that we play the first section heavy, the middle section light and the last section heavy. And we're going to go a little faster. Watch me first and then we'll play together.

I'm gonna go about this tempo. One and two and three and four. Let's do that together. second finger on C, third finger on E. One, two. Ready? Go.

Pause the video practice that on your own and come back when you're ready. Yay. Congratulations, you did it. Now you can play one of the most famous and beautiful pieces of music ever written. I am so proud of you. all your hard work has definitely paid off and you get to enjoy it by making beautiful music at the piano.

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