Lesson 57 More Fun With Albert Bass

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play More Advanced Exercises!
8 minutes
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In this lesson, we're going to continue to expand your ability to play hands together. As you can see, the left hand is playing something that we've learned before again. So we don't really need to address it at this moment. So just watch me one time and kind of follow along on the sheet music, and then we'll talk about what I'm doing. All right, we know the left hand. Let's take a look at the right hand.

I'm going to play and say the note names from the beginning. And then we'll come back and practice it together. Watch me first. See, now I see that I'm playing again, but this time I also see the number two for a second finger. So I'm going to pick up and move my hand a little bit and put second finger on e. a. g with third fingers. So I find you with my third finger.

Now, I see you with third finger. So my third finger is right now on G, I need to pick up and move down. G, C. Let's do that together. Let's play and say the note names and I'll talk us through it. So our first note is E with the third finger. Let's find that note.

Ready, play. And I'm going up two more notes to G finger. And then here's the second finger back to our G with our fifth finger. And then let's play that much and say the note names together. Here we go. It's pretty easy, but let's do it one more time.

Certainly on a third finger. Ready? Go. GC. Let's take a look at the next three measures. So we know that there's an either with second finger so pick up your hand and move it.

One note to the right. There's eight. Let's play and say the note names. Here we go. There's a memory face a. Here's F, F, is finger a.

And then let's play that much again, starting from E. Let's do one more time starting on a. Make sure you say note names out loud. Here we go. AA. Okay, now let's play from the very beginning and we'll put all that together. third finger on E. Here we go say note names.

Pick up your second finger on. Here we go. Let's try that one more time from the very beginning, third finger on E. It should be feeling more familiar to you every time that you play it. Here we go. second finger to eat. Now let's finish it up.

Our next note is G. Remember every good burger deserves fries. So g, good. third finger, G, now up to B. Here's where we have to pick up and move third finger down to E, every good burger and then middle C. So this one's moving a little bit more than we have previously. Let's do that again. third finger on G Here we go.

Save the note names. Pick up and move. See their finger on G. Ready? Go. Pick up and move. See?

Good. Let's go all the way from the very beginning saying that out loud. Ready? Go. Note to the right. One note to the right third finger on G, G pick up and move to the left two notes.

When do you feel comfortable playing with me? Pause the video and practice this on your own. Make sure that you say the note names out loud, and that you really plan where you're moving. So you don't want to be hunting and pecking. I always call this chicken feeds when my students do it, because they're like looking for feed on the ground, like a chicken. So you don't want to do that.

You want to use your mind to tell your hand where to go not have your hand look for what might be right. Okay. You'll save yourself a whole lot of time by thinking ahead and planning. So take your time there is no Hurry, come back when you feel comfortable playing and seeing the note names here in the right hand. Now we're learning the right hand part. Make sure that you practice in small sections, doing lots of repetitions so that you build up the muscle memory.

And when we put the hands together, that it will be much easier for you

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