Lesson 51 Alberti Bass

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3 minutes
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Now we'll learn a left hand accompaniment that composers like Mozart and Beethoven used a lot. It even has a special name. It's called Alberdi bass. Watch. So one of the most famous pieces that uses Alberdi bass is this one. See that guy?

That's Alberdi bass. So that's what we're learning. All right, let's play and say the note names. Again, we're using the same exact notes as we use in the other left hand accompaniment pattern exercises. So fifth finger on C. This is a really great physical exercise as well as a mental exercise. It builds up stamina and your left hand and strength, and it helps you to learn the names of the notes on the staff and where they are on the piano.

So overall, you're gonna do yourself a lot of good by practicing this one finger on C. Let's play and say note names. Here we go. c g, AJ C, G. D, G, B, D, F, G, B, G, F, G, C, D, E, G, C, G JCCACA F, A, C CADFAF G, F, G, B, G, F GC, G, G, C, G, A, G, C, and then down to are those c again. Okay, practice playing and seeing the note names, either with me a few times, or by yourself whichever one you're ready for. In the Alberdi bass accompaniment pattern, the fingers are very active. Remember that while your fingers are marching on the keys, you still want to keep your arm relaxed and your wrist flexible.

Keep feeling the weight of your arms flowing down into your fingers. Practice slowly and take breaks whenever you need to.

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