Lesson 24 Playing Flats And Chords

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play On The Black Keys!
4 minutes
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Now let's go back to actually playing. I'm going to play and say the notes and rests and coordinates and I want you to follow along. And then when I'm done we'll do together. A, B flat, B flat. We already have for us I used to have for us to travel to my new position. And notice when I'm traveling I don't make a run for it.

Running out of time. I know you're building up tension when you do that. Lift your arm and let your wrist lead you to the new place. Hey, See? See? Rest.

When I played a chord, I'm not pushing myself into the keys. Okay, do me a favor, stand up. And now push yourself down onto your bench or your or your seat. That felt really weird. Don't hurt yourself. Now, stand up again and just lower yourself on To your chair, which felt more natural, which felt better.

Obviously lowering yourself. You're using gravity but you're not giving into gravity. It's the same thing when you play a chord. You don't want to use force and force. You don't want to let gravity take over. You want to use gravity to pull you down.

And then stop when you have arrived at your destination, the same ways you do when you're sitting down. When you sit down, you don't keep going until you fall off your chair. Once you go on your chair, you're done moving. Alright, let's play together. First finger on F, saying note names out loud. Don't worry if you make mistakes.

That's the most important part of learning. If you're not making mistakes, you're not learning anything new. You're just repeating stuff you already know. So let's play and say note names out loud. I know I'm saying them but I want you to say them 2123 wrist and move it up A, B flat, B flat. Here's that see on the ledger lines Hey, how did you back it up and play with me as many times as you need to, even if it takes a few days.

When you're ready, pause, play by yourself making sure that you say the note names, the rest names and the coordinates. Keep going you are doing great

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