Lesson 55 Let's Play With Hands Together

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13 minutes
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Now it's time to put the hands together. Notice that the hands and measure one, play together on the one. The left hand moves on, while the right hand keeps holding. Let's do that together. Here we go. Play Right hand, left hand place.

Let's do that again. Play. Again hold, left hand plays. Now the next measure, same idea, except the right hands playing the fifth finger. So let's do measure to play. Right hand holds left hand plays.

Let's see that measure again. Here we go. One more time. Now let's back it up and do both measures. So starting with measure one, third finger on E, here we go. Play, right hand hold, left hand plays.

Now, play measure two right hand holds, left hand plays. Let's see that again, measures one and two. Here we go, play. Now let's play measure three, the left hand finger has moved down to be, but we already know that from having practiced this pattern before, and left hands going to play this pattern. So right here, a second finger on D, left hand, fifth finger on B. Same idea, you play on beat one.

Right hand hold, left hand place. Let's practice that again. Together. Right, yeah, hold. Left hand please. One more time.

And then look at the next measure the right hand just lifts and the left hand repeats what it's doing the right hand is honest way. First finger on E. So let me show you that right now is here, left hands playing while the right hand lenses. Okay, so this is where you get to use your piano brain, which is basically splitting up into the left and right hand thinking really good for you, by the way, mentally. So, together on measure three, measure for the right hand moves while the left hand plays. Let's practice that for measure three. Play.

Now left hand keeps playing right hand picks up, moves first finger T, less flight from the beginning until here, third finger on E and the radian. Left hand finger on see here we go. See how my right hand is not ready, first finger on. Let's do it again. back to the beginning, find your spot. Here we go.

I want you to pause the video here and practice just this much. You might be wondering, oh my goodness, is it really gonna go this slowly for the whole thing? The answer is no. It's not worth setting in place physical and mental components that need to work together and the more you do it, the better You get at doing it, you become better at learning how to play hands together. So you Yes, in the beginning, it is this painstaking, unfortunate word, by the way, because there's no pain involved. But it is this, this detailed and this repetitive, because you're teaching your body new ways of thinking and moving.

So this is great. And then the more you do it, the easier it gets. You must know that that's true. But otherwise pianists wouldn't be able to play all those really technically challenging pieces, because remember, we all start in the same place, which is we're all born and not knowing how to play the piano. Our bodies don't know how to make these movements. So if one person can learn, so can you alright, pause the video here and practice just those four measures.

Remember on measure for even the right hand has a rest you need to be moving and anticipating what's coming next. Now we're going to practice the next four measures. It's the same idea. Watch me first. You play together on the left hand keeps playing. Right hand holds the next measure together, left hand plays, right and hold.

Then the next measure. Again, here we have a Horace, right hand lifts doesn't really need to move very far because or at all because the fifth finger is there already on the see coming up. So let's play these measures together these four Ready, set, go. Pick up uranium. Pause the video here and practice just these four measures come back when you're ready. Now we're going to put together everything we've learned from the beginning.

So go back to your starting position, third finger and the right hand on a left hand, fifth and ground. See, we're going to play nice and slow. Those eight measures 123 your right hand, pick up uranium. Let's learn the next four measures. Same idea, you still play together on beat one, and the right hand holds for the rest of the measure while the left hand plays but now it's good. Be a little more challenging because the right hands gonna be moving around a little more.

So let's take a look at measure nine. The finger on the right hand is on see left hand, fingers on, see, play together. Now the right hand goes to first finger. Here on the last thing that the left hand plays, pick up your right hand. Okay, let's try just that much. So see, pick up.

Why because you need to move. You can't stay put if you're gonna go somewhere else, right. So one more time, and then we'll move on, I promise. Here we go. See, hope you're playing with me are watching and then playing. Now, pick up the right hand here.

We're going to play together. together. Let's find those four measures again. Pick up that right hand together. Okay, I don't know if you saw fly, but there's a fly flying around here. I apologize.

Now pause the video and practice those four measures. I hope it's getting easier for you. If not slow it down. Start practicing one hand at a time to remind yourself what you're doing. When you're ready, come back. Now we're going to put it together from the very beginning.

So find your starting position, I'll count itself 123 Think of uranium pick up uranium. Again if this is too fast slow down the video. Now let's take a look at the next. Actually you can do the rest of the piece from here. So right hands gonna pick up and move the finger to G left hand finger to be played together. Now for the first Time in this piece, we're gonna play the right hand on every beat of the measure.

So when the left hand plays the right hand also plays so it goes together. Right hand steps down, together, together, and then we're back to our regular pattern. left the right hand. This is the easiest part here. Pick up the left hand and move and then the right hand lifts. Let's play that much.

Again. Find your starting position B, of 10, fifth finger, G, right hand finger. Let's play here we go. Okay, pause the video and practice that until it feels pretty good. Now we're gonna play the whole thing. We're still not counting, we're just playing.

And if you if you're able to play it, but without a steady beat, that's okay. That's fine. That's the first step. So let's go from the beginning find your starting position, ie write down third finger, say left hand, fifth finger. Ready, set, go. have the right hand.

Pick up the right hand. Watch me as many times as you need to practice with me as many times as you need to. Then comes the scary step and that is pausing the video and practicing it by yourself. You might find that when you're practicing by yourself, you come up with questions that you didn't even think you had while you were playing with me. So go back and watch me play and see if you can answer those questions for yourself. By what Seeing I recommend that you spend several days practicing this exercise.

Take small sections, play slowly and repeat. Staying as relaxed as possible. You got this

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