Lesson 10 Whole Notes and Whole Rests

2 minutes
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Let's take a look at the time signature. It tells us there are four counts in each measure. So if you notice in this musical example, there's only one note in each measure. So how many counts Do you think that note gets? Yes, four. It has to take up four counts.

This kind of note looks like an oval, and it's not filled in, and it doesn't have a stem. We call this note, a whole note. And a whole note represents four counts or four beats of music. And in this case, it takes up the whole measure because we have four counts. In each measure. I were to play and count the beats watch 123412341 23412341234123412 341-234-1234 are you ready to play and Count with me?

Let's do it first finger on, it'll see. And remember to count out loud with me even though I'm counting you want to get practice doing it, and we're going to keep a steady beat, like the ticking of a clock. 1234123412 341-234-1234 123 For 123412341234 Did you remember about the repeat? So you don't actually have to remember to repeat but you do have to remember to look at that double bar line at the end. If you see the dots, you have to remember that that means are Pete, are you ready to play and count out loud on your own? Okay, you know what to do?

Are you excited about all the things you've learned so far? Yeah. I love it when my students are learning. drop me a note or write a review to let me know how you're doing so far. And remember, I'm always here to answer your questions.

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