Lesson 11 Finding Notes On The Bass Staff

7 minutes
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Watch me play. Okay, obviously, it's the same thing that we played in the right hand, but it's down in Octave. Remember, here's middle C going down an octave, which is eight notes. 12345678 brings us to another C, we call this one, the C below middle C. That's not really an official name, but that's one way to refer to it. So we're playing the same exact thing that we played in the right Hand in the previous lesson, let's play together. So again, I see a number five.

Underneath that first note the C, which tells me fifth finger goes on it. How do I find the next note again, I can count up on the keys and on the lines and spaces, C, D, F, G. Or I can use a mnemonic device a memory trick. One that is commonly used on the space note is all cows eat grass. ac eg for the line notes, you can use good bikes don't fall apart, or come up with your own whatever makes sense for you. Maybe you want something funny or especially memorable for you personally, whatever works for you. Okay?

Again, knowing that with practice these notes will become more and more familiar to you, and you'll find yourself just knowing where they are. So here's a C, and I know I haven't gene measured to and now look at measure three. What do we have there? A whole rest. And if we look at the very end of the piece, yep, there's a repeat sign just like there was in the previous lesson. So let's play this together.

And let's say the note and rest names out loud. C, G, and whole rest. That's all we've got. Are you ready? Fifth finger on the C below middle C. All count us off. 1234 c. J arrest.

Si. Si. g. tourist season. Yep, super easy. pause here and practice and come back when you're ready. Now we'll count the beats.

Maybe we should just go ahead and do it together. Let's count the beats together. I think you can do it. I'll count to four. To get us started. Find your starting nut 12341234123 412-341-2341 23412 341-234-1234.

So remember that we're lifting and lowering the forearm and that's how we get into the keys. We don't push. You don't want to do this Because what you're doing is you're setting up tension in your body. And guess what, if you're tense, you can't play easily and freely as the same way I say this all the time to all my students. If you want to go for a run, you don't lock your knees and say, All right legs, let's go. It's not gonna happen.

All your joints have to be moving your ankles, your hips, your knees, everything has to work in coordination. At the same time, you don't fall to the ground and a pool of goo, you still have to have some muscle tone, right? So it's the same thing in piano. Imagine that your wrist is similar to your knee, it's a shock absorber, and it gets you around. So you want to use that wrist that you can think of as your knee to lift and lower. So you don't want to do this.

This is the same as locking your knee and trying to walk. Run. It's not gonna happen, you might be able to do a few steps. It's gonna feel terrible, it's gonna look worse and you can't go fast. So, you know, remember that I know it's a lot to think about. But if you start combining all the aspects together from the beginning, like reading and counting and playing the right notes, using the fingers and went around, using your wrist, you combine all that from the beginning, you'll have much better success out learning to play well, and you'll have fewer bad habits, or even things that are preventing you from from playing well to go back and relearn.

I think that's where a lot of people get stuck. They learn some bad habits, and then they think that they're not good at piano because they can't progress because the road that they put themselves on is not a good one to begin with. They could have reached where they were going had they taken the correct road, but they took one that kind of dead ended. Oh wow. It's so symbolic. But anyway, that's that's very important.

It's very, very important to have proper technique right from the beginning. With all that said. Now, you're going to pause the video and play and count the beats. In this lesson, we use a memory device to help find the notes in the bass staff. The space notes in the bass staff from the bottom up our AC, e g, you can use the phrase all cows eat grass to remember the line notes from the bottom up our G b, d f a one phrase you can use to remember that is good bikes don't fall apart. This is a quick way to orient yourself on the staff and find the notes that you need quickly.

Of course, you can also use the music alphabet to count up or down on the lines and spaces and find your notes that way. Remember to keep a flexible wrist as you practice. Sometimes when we're really focused mentally, our bodies tense up. So as a musician, you have to learn how to focus Is your mind while also letting your body relax and move as it's naturally meant to move as you play. Let your arms and fingers fall into the keys being pulled by gravity. This might feel awkward at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will feel

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