Lesson 25 Half Notes

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play On The Black Keys!
4 minutes
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Now let's talk about this new kind of note that we have. I didn't talk about it before, because I was already throwing a whole lot of information at you. So it looks like a hybrid between a quarter note and a whole note, like a whole note. It's not filled in. And like a quarter note, it has a stem. We call this note, a half note.

And it has a value of two beats of music. Remember that half breast. So the half press has the value of two bits of silence. And now we know the half note has a value of two beats of music. And you can see on our chord, the f a c, all share one stem. So when you have multiple notes that you're playing at the same time, they're half note.

You don't need a stem for each one. They share. Playing count out loud and I want you to follow them 1234123412 341-234-1234 123 412-341-2341 23412 341-234-1234 1234123412 341-234-1234 a ready to play account together. If not, you can watch me a few times to get used to all the movements. When you're ready. Let's do together first finger on F account for before we start 123 412-312-3412 3413 12341234 1-234-341-2341 23412 341-234-1234 123 412-341-2345 practice that with me as many times as you need to and then when you're Pause the lesson.

Practice counting out loud and playing by yourself. Remember not keeping a steady beat is super important. So if you find that you're not keeping a steady beat, go slower. Is it getting easier to play and count out loud? Remember to practice slowly to give yourself a fair shot at using all the mental and physical processes that we need and playing the piano. It's not easy, so don't rush through it.

See you in the next lesson.

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