Lesson 20 More Fun With The Bass Staff

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
3 minutes
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Left yes going to play the same thing we play starting on C, that one, but now we're on G. Where do know how we found that note another lesson. See b, AJ. I'll play first watch me remembering that even though this is easy, you want to kind of absorb the technique and how long I'm waiting and all that stuff. Okay. Let's play that together, keeping round fingers, and especially with the fifth finger which is a really small finger compared to the others on your hand. Even if you have big hands, your fingers smaller.

You want to help with your arm. You don't want to push in like this. When you push in like that. You're creating a hole A lot of tension. And you're teaching yourself that when you play the piano, you must be tight. Even if your brain knows that's not true, that's what your body's going to learn.

Okay? So nice and easy dropping weight into your fingers. I'll count to four we'll play together 1234 practice that by yourself. Let's play and say the note names and the rest name out loud together. We'll start on G count four and we'll get going 1234 g d hora ste always looking ahead, so if you see a whole note Now you're going to hold it for a long time. So don't sit and stare at that G. And then when it comes time to play the next note scramble for it.

While you're looking at that G, always look ahead and plan until your hand what to do. It's like if you're driving, you don't only look at where you are at the ground, right? You look at where you're going and you plan your turns in advance. At least I hope you do. If not, I hope I'm not behind you. All right.

Play and say the note and rest names on your own. Let's play and count out loud together. I'll count to four to get a started 1234123412 341-234-1234 now playing count out loud by yourself. How are you doing so far? Do you have any questions? Let me know.

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