Lesson 48 Let's Play And Count

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3 minutes
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Now we have to make sure we have the correct rhythm. And this case, it's a very simple rhythm because mostly we're just playing quarter notes. But remember that we want to practice good practice habits. Even if something is easy. You want to have a good step by step way of learning. So let's count together we can see that we have three counts in each measure.

And pretty much the entire time we're going to play on every single account. So find fifth finger on C, and I'll count to three and then we'll start 1-231-231-2312 3123123 1-231-231-2312 3123123 1-231-231-2312 312-312-3123 so notice here, this is a dotted half note which gets three counts. I can't give it three counts because I have to get to that other see on time so if I did this 1231, then I'd have to really scrounge to get to that next note. So this is very, very common, everybody does this, everybody should do this for every single piece that is necessary. When you have a note and you have a long way to go after it, you cheat a little bit off that last note. So that gives you time to get to the new note.

Now you still have to have three counts happen before you get to that note, so you can't do this one to one. Nope, got to have three counts. 123123 does that make sense? All right. practice playing counting with me as many times as you need to and then play in count out loud on your own, keeping a steady beat. So remember what happens if you're playing and you can't keep a steady beat?

It means you're probably going too fast. So slow it down. Another thing you can do is practice a few measures over and over. Like let's say 246 measures over and over get really good at those. Then go on and do the next six measures get really good at those. Put the first two first six and the next six together then then you know like that Okay, so in sections Remember to keep using the weight of your arm to fall into the keys.

Keep your wrist flexible, your fingers around and your shoulders relaxed.

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