Exercise 19 Practicing Good Habits

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
4 minutes
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Now we're going to play a piece that we already know we've learned it starting on middle C. Now we're going to play it starting on G again, just to get practice playing a different set of notes, but not challenging ourselves so much that it's too much. So we're going to use a familiar 10. Starting first finger on G, C, D, E, F, G, watch me first. You recognize it right, let's play together. First finger on G, I'll count off 1234 Okay, when you do this on your own, I know it's tempting to just play like really fast. Okay, I know it.

But that's not the point. The point is to put in place good habits of reading and recognizing the different lengths of notes, the different names, how you move for rest. So we're starting very easy so that you can build up good habits. I don't want you to say, Oh, this is so easy. I'm just Okay, got it. Alright, moving on.

No, everything I'm giving you is intentional. I'm not gonna waste your time. So if I have whole notes there, I want you to get used to holding those whole notes. You know, for four counts, okay? So play on your own and make sure that you play with your best technique. Now I'll play and say the note names.

In fact, I think we should do this together. Find first finger on G let's play and say the note names and the rest name. out loud. I'll count to four. 1234 G. Next, notice D, D. Now we're gonna live for the rest, haul rest, G. Let's do that one more time, notice that we're using the weight of the arm, we're not lifting like this. And we're helping the fingers by dropping the weight into them using gravity.

I see a lot of people on YouTube playing like this. It makes me cringe because I can't, it just looks painful. So that's why I can't look but also, you know, you can't play fast like this. I don't know, you know, and then people ask me, How can I How can I play this really complicated piece and I say you got to work on your technique. Usually, that's not a popular response, but it's the right one. So now that you're playing something really easy, really think about your technique.

Please do not just press your fingers and take care. Like that, you're not helping yourself at all. You want this okay? So let's play and say the note names one more time really looking at our technique 1234 G, D, whole rest. do that by yourself saying the note and rest names out loud. Let's do it together we'll play and count the beats accounted for to start 1234123412 341-234-1234 your turn even when you're playing on Very easy piece.

You want to make sure that you follow the same practice steps, the same practice principles as you will be when you're playing more advanced pieces. What that means is when you have a piece that has a bunch of whole notes or whole rest, you don't want to rush through them. Keep a steady beat no matter how easy the pieces are, how long the notes are, you'll be glad you did when we move on to more advanced pieces.

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