Lesson 6 Learning Left Hand Note Names

2 minutes
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Now I'm going to add that last part. Remember when the right hand played, we had two different parts and then we put them together. We're going to do the same thing here with the left hand. Watch me first. I'm starting with fifth finger. Lift, lift.

Do you need to see that again? I'll show you again. Let's play it together. Ready? 1234 One more time 1234. Practice that on your own and come back when you're ready to put everything together.

All right, the whole thing from the beginning we're going to step up, step down, and then do some skipping and some lifting. You already know this. We're just going to put the two parts together. Find see with your fifth finger, I'll count to four, and we'll play 1234 step up, step down. Keep up skip down, left and left. Let's play that again.

And this time I won't talk 1234 Now it's time for you to practice that by yourself. You know what to do. Remember when I said that review is built into this course? Well, in this lesson we reviewed skips and steps, but this time we did it with the left hand. You're doing great. Let's keep going.

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