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Anyone can learn to play the piano no matter where you're starting from whether you took lessons years ago and have forgotten everything you ever learned, or you've been gathering bits of information from YouTube tutorials, and now you're ready for more, or if you've always wanted to play and you're finally ready to achieve your goals, you can learn to read music and play the piano. And you can do it without years of lessons. What you need is a framework that helps you learn from the ground up and gives you a reliable system to follow. I want you to know that it is possible once you know how to make it happen. Information is everywhere. Whether you get it online or from books, you can spend months or even years accumulating information but without a system for putting that information into action.

It's worse than useless. Why worse because you've wasted the most important and precious thing any of us has. And that thing is time. Imagine having a recipe For your favorite meal, but this particular recipe only gives you a list of ingredients. Without measurements or instructions on how to put them all together, it would be pretty frustrating trying to cook this food, right? You've got a list of things you need, but you don't know how to combine those things to get what you want.

It's very similar to gathering information about reading music and playing the piano without the instructions, and how to put things together and in what order you can be left feeling pretty frustrated, you might even think that this music thing just isn't for you, or you don't have enough talent, or you're too old or any number of things. I'm here to tell you that if you have the desire to play music, then you're already halfway there. What you might be missing is the right map to follow this course gives you that map and you will learn in a way that has been proven to work consistently and reliably. It's a I do, we do. You do? You method of learning.

Think back to when you were learning to tie your shoelaces. At first, you watched someone do it. Maybe lots of times, probably it was your parent. Eventually you wanted to learn how to tie your own shoelaces. So you said I want to do it or something like that. Your parents didn't just show you what to do, and then say, okay, off you go.

Remember what I said? Good luck, right? That's not what happened. What happened was, they talked you through the steps, maybe stepping into correct you when you needed it. After many times of doing this, you got better and better at tying your shoelaces. And eventually, you didn't need any help at all.

That's the I do. We do. You do method of learning, and it's the natural way for people to learn. In every lesson of this course we follow the same method of learning first, you watch me demonstrate and then we practice the skill together. When you feel ready, you pause the video and you practice on your own. The beauty of doing this online is that you get to practice at home, on your own schedule at your own pace.

You can review the lessons as many times as you like, go back in the course if you need a refresher, you can even slow down or speed up each video to match your learning pace. By the end of this course, you'll be able to read piano music, and play with both hands. You'll even learn how to use the pedal and play with musical expression. And in every lesson, I demonstrate proper technique that will keep you playing beautifully for years to come. Whether you want to play rock or classical or jazz music or all of it. proper technique is the key that will give you the ability to let your fingers and hands flow effortlessly over the keys.

I've taught thousands of students and been a professional musician for more than two decades in this course they'll get the benefit of All my experience at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. So are you ready to get started? Register today and you'll be playing from the first lesson.

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