Lesson 69 Learning The Right Hand

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6 minutes
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Now that we know the left hand, let's take a look at the right hand. I'm going to play the first four measures for you and I'll say the note names and we'll do that together. third finger starts on E. Let's do that together. Pretty easy because the don'ts are either repeating or stepping up or stepping down. So third finger on E say note names out loud with me. Here we go.

F g. Seeing the practice that with me pause and then practice by yourself saying out loud. Now this next section looks very similar to what we just played watch. Seeing, seeing. Here's where it's different. See, seeing as you can see, it's almost exactly the same. Just the last couple of notes are different.

Let's play together starting on E here we go see the note names a G. Si, si, si si. pause and practice that by yourself saying the note names. Now let's put those two sections together for our finger on E. Here we go. Seeing, seeing ci, g si si Pretty easy right? pause and practice by yourself saying the note names out loud. I'll play the next few measures for you watch me first.

F, A, C, D, C, half rest. Let's see that together. Starting on D. We'll go a little slower. Ready? Go. c d have rest.

Pause the video and practice it on your own saying the note names. Now before we put it together from the beginning, I just wanted to take a look at the last four measures. Remember that the left hand was playing stuff that we already knew from before and the last four measures, so is the right end. It's playing the second section that we practice. So here's what we're gonna do. We'll go from the very beginning and we'll go all the way to the end because we already know the ending part.

Let's start at the beginning third finger on names with me. Here we go. Seeing seeing GG, si, si, si, si, si, si, si half breast and we know this part see Seeing pause and practicing the note names out loud. We're getting closer to putting the hands together. Let's keep going

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