Lesson 67 Let's Learn Ode To Joy

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10 minutes
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In this lesson we're gonna learn a very famous piece that I arranged for easy piano, and we're using a lot of the concepts that we learned in this course. watch me play first. Alright, lots going on here. But there's really nothing new. Everything that you see here we've already learned and studied and practice. So from this point forward, it's just a matter of putting to use what we know.

So I'll help you practice it. I'm going to practice one hand at a time, it's really, really good idea to do that. You don't want to overload yourself and get frustrated because it's too much. Okay, so I'm going to take the left hand first, and I see that the second finger is on C. So I play that, then I go down to G. Back to the note, I came from C, downwind note, C. And now here I have to pick up and move G. Let's practice that much together. And let's say the note names. Here we go second finger on C, same, then we're gonna go down to G, G, and then back up RC one down to B, to C. All the way up to G. Let's practice that one more time, say note names.

Here we go. C, G, C, and move. pause and practice that here if you need to. Yeah, from here I see an eighth rests so I don't play. Then I see second finger on F, stepping down. I'm going to practice that again with you, let's say the note and resting so a thrust.

Saying let's do it again. A thrust D, C, let's play from the very beginning. same note, different finger finger two. Here we go see the note names, C, G, C, C, G, A, trust me. pause and practice that and then come back. around, see?

Now we're gonna take that fifth finger back down to g. a FG. Let's play that together saying the note names starting on G finger. Here we go. G, ci CD. Let's practice it again, you can pick up your hand in between the notes, or you can connect them, it's entirely up to you, I find that it's easier if I pick up my hand in between the notes. So let's go from G again saying the note names out loud, G, then A, F, G, C. Practice that with me as many times as you need, pause the video and practice just this section saying the note names.

Now we're gonna go from the very beginning and put all that together starting on C. So this is how we practice in small sections, with lots of repetitions and then putting those sections together. It's really not a good idea to start at the beginning and go all the way through the piece. Every time that you play. That's a very, very, very long and not reliable way of practicing. It doesn't really work very well. So starting on seat, let's say the note names here we go.

C, G, C, B, C, pick up and move. A thrust. d DC, pick up that fifth finger, move it down to G, G, A, F, G, C. Practice that with me. And then when you're ready, practice it on your own. Make sure you say the note names out loud. Now we're going on, so second fingers on the first don't see the nice see that the same thing happens again.

See, back to b, this time To G sharp, one finger, and then a third finger first on G. Let's play that together seeing the note name starting on the second finger. We do that again. C, D, G sharp, a, and then up to G. That was the same g that we moved up to an earlier in this piece. So we're really getting really good at finding that g from far away. Let's do it one more time starting on V. We see we have the same thing again. Same names as me You should be here's G sharp can pick up to it.

If you want. And then go up to that G. pause here and practice that much. Come back when you're ready. Now we're going to move on and learn the rest of this piece and then we'll put it all together. So now here if you notice, it's something that we've already played, watch, I'll show you how to do that because we've practiced it earlier in this piece. Let's play together and say note names, saying, Go down, gene.

Pick up third finger on a gene scene. You really don't need to practice this one on your own. Because you already have done it earlier. Now, let's put the whole thing together from the very beginning. Play with me and say note names. Name.

Here we go. P. Singh for up to that G, eighth rest and go down to G, A and G again A we know this scene G. See, see how long that is. And if we had practiced just from the beginning all the way to the end, by the time you get to the end, you've kind of already forgotten what you did in the beginning. And that's why it's very, very good idea to practice in small sections and repeat those small sections. And then once we did that, we were able to put everything together. You might have made some mistakes, or been late, even though we're not doing any rhythm whatsoever, but late meaning I play first and then you're playing that's okay.

Practice with me. And then when you're ready, practice that whole thing by yourself saying the note names come back when you're ready to count Now we're learning my easy piano arrangement of a very famous song by Beethoven called Ode to Joy. It's part of the Ninth Symphony. One of the greatest masterpieces in all of music. Oh to joy is that part of the Ninth Symphony where a huge choir joins the instrumental musicians on stage. And they all make this gorgeous music together and sing about the brotherhood of man.

I'm sure they meet women too. You can find many really wonderful performances of Ninth Symphony or specifically Ode to Joy on YouTube. I recommend that you go and check them out.

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