Lesson 13 Leading With The Right Hand

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
3 minutes
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Now I'm going to count in play. So this is super easy. You already know how to play it by now I'm just going to say the numbers of the beats. Watch me first 1234123412 341-234-1234 repeat 12341234123412 Three, four. Let's play and count that together. Remember to count out loud even though I'm doing it 21234123412 341-234-1234 repeat 123412 341-234-1234 Okay, back up and repeat that with me if you need some more practice together otherwise pause and practice while you count out loud and keep a steady beat.

If you find that you're not able to keep a steady beat, slow down, you might be going a little too fast. Keeping a steady beat is really important. And one way to ensure that you're keeping a steady beat and playing the right rhythm is to count out loud. Many of my students tell me that it's very difficult to look at the music and read it and play and find the notes and move your fingers. And on top of all that, to count out loud, I get it. It is difficult at first, but I encourage them to stick with it.

Well, I make them stick with it. And guess what? Every single one of them within a short amount of time can play and count out loud, easily and effortlessly. The trick if there is one is to stick with it go through the hard parts and eventually they're not hard anymore

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