Lesson 66 Adding The Pedal

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Learn To Use The Pedal!
4 minutes
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Now we're ready to add the pedal. This is really exciting. We'll put down the pedal as soon as we play the first notes. So hands and foot go down together. Let's try that again. Hands and foot together.

123 Go. Now hold down the foot. Don't move it, play here. Now we're going to play the next measure. First, the hands go down, up, down. Keep going.

Notice how I set up down because it's fast. Let's try that again. So put down from the beginning hands and foot at the same time. Okay, hold down the site. Now, hands play first. Up, down.

It's that quick up, down. Okay? So it's not up, down, it's up, down. It's almost like you can't wait to get back down. Okay, let's keep going. Now, you're going to play first.

Keep going. Play beat one. I'm yelling at you. But not because I'm angry. This is exciting. Now play.

Play first. Play first, down, play first down First. Let's repeat that. Here we go, play, play, play, play, play. Play first. Play first, down, play, down, play.

Okay. Practice with me a million times a day. Do you have to? And then you have to practice by yourself. You did not have to say up down. But you do need to do it up down that fast up, down.

So how did you do? It's fun to play with the pedal isn't it? When using the sustain pedal, you can follow the indications on your sheet music. A lot of sheet music doesn't have any pedaling signs, though. So what do you do then? Does that mean you don't use pedal in that piece?

No, not at all. When a piece of music doesn't have any pedaling signs or very sparse pedaling signs, it means that it's up to the musician up to the pianos to make those pedaling choices. So when you're deciding when and how to use the pedal, there are two things to consider. The first one is what kind of sound are you going for? Do you want a dreamy or a lyrical kind of sound? Then use more pedal Do you want a drier or more percussive sound, then you use less pedal?

The way to figure it out is to try different pedaling. and see which one you like. The other thing to consider when using the pedal is, is it getting too blurry, so maybe you're holding the pedal too long in between too many chord changes, and you need to change the pedal a little bit more often. That's where you have to use your ear as you're using the pedal and as you're making sounds, and use your taste as a musician like anything else. The more you do it, the more mistakes you make. And the more you learn from those mistakes, the better you get at it.

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