Lesson 46 Playing With Hands Together

7 minutes
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Now we'll combine what we learned in the last two lessons. We'll put the hands together. Watch me first and then we'll do some preliminary practice before you play hands together. Okay, don't go anywhere. Don't turn off your tablet or whatever you're using. It's not as scary as it looks.

One thing that makes it super easy or easier than you might imagine is both hands are playing the same fingers at the same time. So look at measure one, I'm playing both first fingers and both fingers and both hands are doing either legato or staccato, at the same time. Also, both hands are playing the same exact rhythm at the same time. So that gets rid of a lot of difficulties. Now let's just practice the motions before you practice this piece. Find your starting point, first finger and the right hand goes on A, C, D, E, F, G, A, you remember that right?

First finger on the left hand goes on E, C, D, E, play both of your first fingers. Hold on to them. Find your fifth finger notes in the right hand it will be e in the left hand It will be a and just rotate outward a little bit and fall into those fifth fingers. Let's try that again. So play first fingers, hold them rotate slightly outward toward your fifth fingers and fall into them. Okay, now, let's play those first fingers again, and we're going to do it in a jumpy way staccato.

So jump. But notice I'm still touching the keys. I'm not doing this. Now, if I did this, I have to find my way again. So don't do that. So when you jump, keep touching the key.

All right, keep your contact, and then fifth finger jump. So when I jump, what I do is I lower the weight of my arm, and then I lifted again, and my wrist is loose, so it's moving. Let's try that first. Finger, fall and lift. And when I say fall lift, I'm talking about your forearms. Now, fifth finger fall, and lift.

Okay? The other thing let's practice before we play is measure six. So we're going to look at that rhythm. You play a long note, and then two shorts. A long note, two shorts. Let's try that together.

Long note to short. Notice short does not mean that short means the duration, the length of it is short. It doesn't mean you pick up from it. So this isn't this doesn't mean short. Okay? It could, but that's not what I'm talking about.

We're talking about how long you hold the note hold. Now Quick, quick. Let's do that. Hold. Quick, quick. Repeat that hold quick Quick Now watch this, it's going to be the opposite.

Quick, quick, long. Let's try that fifth finger start. Quick, quick, long and then you do it again. Quick, quick, long. If I did that entire measure, it would look like this. Watch me long.

Quick, quick, long. Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, long. Let's try that together. Here we go. First finger start. long, short, short, long.

Short, short, short, short, long, short, short, long. If we were to count that properly, it would go like this. One, E, and two e three E and four, E. And let's practice that together. Starting with our first fingers. We're still on measure six, ready, go. One, E, and two, E, and three, E, and four, E. And so practice this as much as you need to.

And then when you're ready, let's play and count the entire thing. All right, first finger start e in the left hand and the right hand. I'll just say three E and a four E and A and then we'll start three E and A, four, E, and one, E, and a two. ah three E and ah four E and ah one, E and two E and three E and four, E, and. One, e and a, two e and a, three E and four, E and. One, E and two, E and three, a and four a One e and two, E and three, E and four, E, and one, e and a, two, e and a, three E and A, four E and.

Okay. Practice with me as many times as you like. And then practice playing and counting out loud by yourself. How are you doing so far? Do you have any questions? You can always ask me and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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