Lesson 41 Let's Play And Count

3 minutes
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Let's play and count together account of soft fixing, oh boy, my dog is really snoring very, very loud. I don't know if you can hear it. finger on account of soft. One and two and three, and four and playing Count with me. One and two and three and four and. One and two and three and four, and one and two and three, and four and, one and two and three.

And four, and jump all the way down one and two and three, and four, and. One and two and three, and four. And. One and two and. three, and four, and. One and.

Two and. three, and four and repeat. One and two and three, and four, and. One and, two and, three and four and One and two, and three, and four, and, one and two and, three, and four, and. One and, two and, three, and four, and. One and.

Two and, three, and four, and. One and. two, and three, and four, and. One and, two, and three, and four. And a lot of work, playing count on your own When you're learning a new piece, it's a really great idea to practice slowly so that you give yourself enough time to plan and move intentionally on the keyboard so that your mind is directing your fingers where to go, not the opposite, which is your mind is catching up with where your fingers went. Does that make sense?

Now once you get pretty comfortable playing at a slower speed, then you challenge yourself by going a little bit faster, a little bit being the keywords here. You want to increase your speed little by little so that you keep all those really great technique habits that you've already established and you take them with you to the faster speeds

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