Lesson 21 Exercising The Right Hand

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play With Both Hands Together!
4 minutes
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Now that we've practiced each hand by itself, we're going to put the hands together. So we already know this watch me play one time. together to start, can hold right hand keeps going. Then both hands, left hand holds, right hand keeps going. Left hand has a whole rest lift, but stay very close to the keys. Now both hands fifth fingers, left hand holds right hand lifts for the rest, and then plays again for the rest and now we have a repeat science are completed again from the beginning.

So these motions are very familiar to us because you've already played the same piece, you know, in the C position, now we're in G, we're going to take it a little bit slow so that you can tell yourself what notes to play. But it should be easier for you than the first time that we put the hands together. So left hand, fifth finger on G below middle C, right hander on the G above middle C. I'll count to four and then we'll play together. 1234 Let's repeat. Play that with me again if you need to. And when you're ready, pause the video and play it by yourself.

Now play and count out loud. And I'll do the repeat. I'll go a little bit faster just because I'm demonstrating and we play together we'll go slower 123412341234123 For 1234123412 341-234-1234 Now we'll play together counting out loud. Make sure you're also counting with me and we'll go a little slower. Find your starting notes. I'll count off 123 412-341-2341 23412 Three, four, repeat 123412 341-234-1234 pause the video and practice playing and counting out loud by yourself.

We're slowly developing what every good pianist needs to have and that is independence of the hands. Good work. Let's keep going

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