Lesson 71 Playing With Hands Together

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Learn To Use The Pedal!
6 minutes
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Now things get really exciting here we're going to put the hands together. We're not going to count or say note names or anything. We're just going to play the notes that line up vertically together, and then take it from there. So here we go. And start. Left.

Continues. We can lift both hands if you want to. Okay, let's do that much again. Ready? Let's do it a little bit slower just in case When you're ready, pause the video practice on your own. Now we're going to pick it up on measure four starting on beat one.

That no left hand and continues down. Let's practice just that much starting together and continues down. One more time. Just that much Okay, now here we are on the left hand, hold up your left hand, move it down. Let's practice that much again. From here we go.

Pause here and practice that much on your own. Come back when you're ready. We're gonna do that entire first section together. third finger on, left hand, second finger on See? Ready? Go.

Policy and practice by yourself. Now, we've got both second fingers playing left hand on the right hand on D. Watch me first. Let's do that together. We'll go slower. Here we go. Let's say one more time and we're gonna continue all the way to the end because as we already know, the ending is like the middle part.

So Ready Start practice on your own and come back. We're gonna put the whole thing together. Now that you've got both hands going, it's time to check the rhythm and add dynamics, which we'll do in the next lesson.

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