Lesson 29 Naming Notes, Chords, And Rests

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play On The Black Keys!
4 minutes
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Now let's play together. And let's name the notes, the rest and the chords. You should already know this, because we've already practiced it a couple of times in previous lessons. So say note names with me and rest names and coordinates. You won't always have to do this, but it really does save you lots of time in learning. So that's a good thing right?

Starting with F 1234, G, A, B flat, a flat, C, B flat, A, G, F C, A, or s takes up the whole measure. Now, F chord have for us and this is where we move. And here we go. F, G, A, B flat, C, B flat, A, G, C. A whole rest you ready for those chords. f core now, yay. All right.

Again. Repeat that with me as many times as you like and when you're ready to tackle it on your own, pause the video, play and say all those names out loud. Now you should be pretty comfortable with moving your fingers around on this piece. Let's make sure that we're keeping a nice steady beat and that we're being accurate with the rhythms. Right now the rhythms are pretty straightforward and easy, but remember, we're building up here. So you want to instill good habits right from the beginning.

Although we're not really beginning anymore, we're kind of halfway through the course. Yay. So we're gonna count the beats, four counts and each measure, and we'll keep a nice steady beat on count four. And we'll both do it at the same time. 1234 Count with me 123412341234123 123412341234123 for 1234123 412-341-2341 23412 341-234-1234 Do is a pretty easy pause the video when you're ready and play and count out loud by yourself and now you should definitely aim for a steady beat. How are you doing?

Any questions? Let me know

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