Lesson 28 Let's Practice Moving Both Hands

Creative Music Piano Instant Piano Let's Play On The Black Keys!
10 minutes
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Now it's time to get fancy. Watch Okay, what just happened? If you said, well, we're just playing the same thing that we learned in the last two lessons, but in our doing hence the other, then you're absolutely right. Since we already know what each hand is doing, the only challenge here is to make them do those things at the same time. So here's where you have to be smarter than your hands. As your hands are playing, tell them I know that sounds really weird, but tell them hey, hands, you already know this.

There's nothing new here. You just have to do it at the same time. Let's do it together. Do you remember the right hand first finger goes F, F AC face and the left hand finger goes on F good bikes. Don't fall apart F, just below middle C. Now, notice that both hands start by playing going up on the keyboard. Alright, and then they come back down.

So just tell your hands Hey, go in that way. Also remember that both hands will be playing one black key, that's B flat here. The right hand, we'll play with the fourth finger, the left hand, but the second finger. Alright, enough talking. Let's play if you make mistakes, what should you do? Give up, throw your papers aside and run away from the piano?

No, of course not. You make a mistake. You acknowledge a mistake, figure out what happened. And practice again. All right. That's simple.

Really. Let's get going. I'll count to four. We'll play together nice and slow. We don't have to say note names or anything like that. Let's just follow the sheet music either going higher or lower.

And then we're going to split up. Okay, if you don't want to look at the sheet music if you just want to copy my hands, that is actually a really good idea. At this point in time, you can always look at the sheet music later, I'll count to 41234. Now we're gonna step right back down where we came from. Now skip up until you run out of fingers. And then play that last night again, third finger.

Now both hands lift because we have those whole rests. You're going to play these three notes f A, and see at the same time. Notice that both hands are using first finger third finger and fifth finger, like a mirror image. Are you ready? Here we go. Drop both hands at the same time.

Now, if you want to practice just that much, that's a really good idea. That's what we're going to do. Okay, so we're not going to go on just yet. Let's try that again. Ready? Even if you think you'd probably don't need it, it's probably good idea.

Let's just do it together. One, two. Ready, go from the beginning. Remember, now we step back down. Go back to what you just played. Preparing for you like a tingling feeling in your first, third and fifth fingers.

Those are the ones that are going to play and drop them all at once. Remember, the word drop is critical. All right now from here, hands are going to go in opposite directions, you should look at one hand at a time. Let's look at the left hand first, fifth finger is going to travel down an octave to F, and then right hand first finger is going to travel up an octave to F. Alright, let's practice that again. Come back to your starting position, left hand goes, then right hand goes one more time starting position, left hand looking at it, then right hand, okay, you do all that during the rest. Should you move your hands together, eventually, it will seem like they're both going at the same time, but you're still kind of sending one hand first than the other.

It's a split second difference, but all right, so now we're in this part of the piece and in this part of the keyboard We're gonna play the same thing that we just played. But now the hands are further apart. So you might have to glance from one to the other. Going back and forth. Here we go. Now, here's where it changes.

So we don't come back to our starting note. Play your highest note that you have under your fingers, which is a C. And then skip down, skip down again. Skip up. Here's a whole rest, lift, you play those F and C again, drop into it. All right, let's practice the second half of the piece one more time. Starting on F And stepping up is that black up flat back to your black key.

Stepping down, but not all the way. highest note. skip down, skip down again. No skip up. Here's our rest, lift and drop into those f core. All right, we're gonna play together from the very beginning.

I'm not going to say anything, except once in a while I might say Hey, now is when we move, okay? But other than that, I won't say anything. Here we go, starting on our F's in the middle of the keyboard 1234 left your left hand and your right Okay, how did you do? practice with me as many times as you need to remember, this does not have to be done in one sitting. Practice for 510 minutes, go do something else, take a walk, come back, try again. Actually, it's better to practice in short bursts than it is to sit for two hours and try to knock it out and then not come back again for you know, another week.

All right, so you'll get further with small steps taken very frequently. When you're ready. Pause the video, practice this by yourself. It's okay right now, if you can't keep a steady beat. I'm more interested in you being accurate with what you're playing. So take your time.

Remember that when you make a mistake, and you know it's a mistake, but you keep repeating that motion of the mistake your hands, your muscles. Remember the mistake even though your mind knows that you don't want to do that. What you're teaching yourself is those moves that you don't want to do. So take your time, direct your actions exactly where you want them to go. And then you can aim for a steady beat later. Now, we're not only playing both hands together, but also moving both hands to different positions on the keyboard.

This is very exciting. It's not easy to do. And if you've come this far, Congratulations, you've made huge strides already. Be sure that you practice in small sections, a few measures at a time, with lots of repetition. This is actually the fastest way to learn. See you in the next lesson.

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