Lesson 26 Playing Low Notes On The Bass Staff

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4 minutes
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In this lesson we really don't have any new concepts. We're going to practice the same piece that we've played with minor adjustments with the left hand. So, watch replay at one time. All right, in the right hand, we went higher, halfway through the piece and in the left hand we're going lower. So now we're learning to play notes that are even lower on the staff. Other than that, we still have our half notes.

We still have our B flats, we have our F chords, and we have our half press. Let's play together and stay the note and rest names are exactly what we've already practiced in the previous lesson. go nice and slow. I noticed this app because good bikes don't fall apart. Don't fall, work great. However you want to think about Okay, so this finger on F. One, two.

Ready, start stepping up. A, B flat, C. All rest. Now we have our F chord. If third and fourth fingers have frets and want you to go all the way down to the low F. How do I know that's f? Well, if you think of good bikes don't fall apart. This is one not lower than g good.

So it has to be F and See, all right, now we got that F chord if your left hand is weaker than your right and it's even more important to have gravity help you pull, you know, pull you down. So imagine that there's a string attached to the underside of your wrist and it's pulling you down. Okay? When you're ready, practice playing and singing the note, rest and coordinate on euro In this lesson, we practiced reading and playing some low notes on the bass staff. We also practice reading and playing chords. You are learning so much great work.

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