Exercise 18 More Fun With Ledger Lines

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5 minutes
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Okay, now I'm going to play and say the note names. Chain, A, B, C, D, C, BAG, di, D, quarter rest, quarter rest. So we know about ledger lines ledger lines are those short line segments that we put either above or below the staff to give us more room to write notes. And we know that middle C is the most famous ledger line note. Now look at this note D. So you see there's a ledger line underneath it, which shows where C would be if we were making a C. We're going one note higher than that. So now we're in the space above.

That ledger line, it's really important to have that ledger line because if you just put the note there without the ledger line, even if you put it high up, it's still going to be a B. Okay? So that ledger line tells us okay, B was down there and C's here. Now we've got D, really important. Sometimes students think that what matters is how high it is on the page. Now, what matters is its relationship to the staff.

And that ledger line tells us where it is in relationship to the staff. So very, very important to put the ledger line there, and then the note on top and that gives us the Now speaking of ledger lines, when we handle the ledger line, middle C in the treble staff, it was below the staff. And now we have bass clef, you see the bass staff. The middle C ledger line is above the staff. It's the same exact ledger line. It's in between the two staves.

We just put it closer to the base staff. It's you know, On the left hand is playing it down there, or closer to the treble staff if it's right hand playing up there, just for visual purposes so we can relate it you know, visually to the staff, but it doesn't change the note itself. Middle C is still metal. See, let's play and say those note names together. Fifth finger on G below middle C, I'll count to four to get us started. 1234, chain, A, B, C, D, C, D, D, D, D, quarter rest, chain, quarter s. Let's play it one more time together and say the note names.

Remember we're just seeing notes, either going forward or backward on the alphabet and sometimes we're skipping letter. One more time 1234 chain A, B, C, D, C, D, G, de, de, de, de, quarter rest, quarter rest. When you're ready to do that on your own pause the video. This time I will play and count the beats 123 412-341-2341 2341234 By the way, notice that there's no repeat sign at the end of this piece and that's why we're only playing at one time through. Let's play in count together. Find your starting notes.

1234123412 341-234-1234 Okay, when you're ready, play and count the Beats by yourself. Now we're getting more practice for reading and playing legends. Line notes. Don't let ledger lines scare you. ledger lines are just little lines that we add either above or below the staff to extend it, and they behave in the same way that the regular lines on the staff behave. They have spaces between them.

You can count these lines and spaces and use the musical alphabet to find any note on any ledger line. See you in the next lesson.

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