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Cheesecake for Beginners

Learn all of the fundamentals needed to make delicious, creamy, decadent cheesecakes.

Cheesecake for Beginners

Learn all of the fundamentals needed to make delicious, creamy, decadent cheesecakes.
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About the Class

Who doesn't LOVE cheesecake? I don't know anybody in that category!

Cheesecakes are probably the most popular dessert being featured on almost every restaurant menu.  Think about it.  Whenever you finish your meal, and you go for the dessert menu, there is typically at least one cheesecake option with some fruit, chocolate, or caramel sauce.  Why is it so common?  Because it's rich, with an undeniably pleasant texture, and it's versatile.  In this course, you will learn how to make the perfect basic cheesecake.

Once you learn the base recipe, you can then alter it to create a multitude of cheesecake flavors.  I'll walk you through:

  • Chocolate Cheesecake with a Chocolate Cookie Crust
  • Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake with a Lemon Cookie Crust
  • Ricotta Amaretto Cheesecake in a Pate Sucree Crust

The course starts with the basics and adds on skills that have already been learned.  You will see how to make small changes to the base recipe to achieve any flavor.  Also, you will be capable of making cheesecakes with multiple flavors and components.  You can learn the equipment that you need as well as the techniques necessary to create the most desirable cheesecakes. 

Not only will you learn all about cheesecake, but I also share my quick whipped cream.  Perfect for topping any slice!  Finally, the most crucial to slice and plate the perfect piece!

This course includes an equipment and recipe guide that you can download and print to follow along.  All of the lessons are filmed up-close, which is perfect if you're learning on a phone or other small device. 

Are you ready to master this popular and delicious dessert?  Let's get started!  See you in the course.

Class Requirements

  • An electric mixer will be useful in completing all of the techniques in this course.
  • A springform pan will be necessary to bake the cheesecakes in the course.
  • No prior cheesecake baking knowledge required.
  • Other common kitchen smallwares. Equipment and supplies list included with the course.
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What's included in the class?

 16 video lessons
 1 document

Class Authors

Amy Kimmel

Baking and Pastry Arts Instructor
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Food is the thing that connects us all.  From the people who painstakingly grow our food to the hard workers that  prepare the food to the billions of people that consume it.  Whether we realize it or not, aside from all of our differences, it's what makes us all the same in some way.  We need it for survival, use it for an  income, and love it for all of it's nourishment and joy,  Making food for other people has always been, and will always be, a great passion and source of fulfillment for me.  I love what it represents in its entirety and I also love the simple fact that I can make someone smile just by handing them a slice of cake.

About Me

I've always known I wanted to be even a small part of the giant food  landscape.  I started working in the food biz when I was 16, waiting tables.  What permanently pulled me into food as a career was seeing the impact that selling food could have on people's lives.  A family could open a restaurant and send their kids to college, a passionate chef could work 80+ hours a week to save up for their dream of an ice cream  shop, or a single mom could start a bakery from her home to make ends meet.  Being immersed in the industry for over a decade has shaped who I am as a person and the way that I hope to make an impact.   

I've done everything from bussing tables to sweating it out on the line in a dinner rush to managing a hotel kitchen.  I've tried it all and found my love in dessert.  I wake up every day and think about sweets and how I  can use my passion to pay it forward. EVERY DAY, ALL DAY.  You could call me obsessed (as my wife does), but I like to think I'm driven and focused.  I'm on a permanent mission to turn my creativity into a way to help as many people as possible.   

I'm a perpetual student, always seeking out new techniques and better ways to do things.   I do this simply so that I can pass on my knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn more about food.  I teach because it gives me purpose  and I genuinely enjoy talking to people.  Being involved in a community means so much to me.   

My hope is to inspire you enough to pass on all of the things that you learn.  To master the art and love for, not just dessert, but all food.

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