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Skills 4 daily life

Simple, powerful techniques to bring you back into balance

Skills 4 daily life

Simple, powerful techniques to bring you back into balance
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The Skills 4 Daily Life course will equip you with essential coping tools and techniques.

Why would you need these tools? Well, perhaps you feel scattered. Tense. Overloaded. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Worried. In 'panic mode'. Or simply unable to think straight.

Maybe you experience these feelings all the time.

Once you choose Your Skills For Daily Life, you’ll have instant access to the course. You’ll start learning these skills and feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed and more balanced right away.

What’s included?

+ Seven modules, each teaching you a simple, powerful technique
+ Instant access to our private Facebook page 
+ Beautifully designed printables to keep you on track and inspired
+ Lifetime access to course materials, so you can study it at your own pace

Why are these skills so powerful?

They can be applied in any situation and used by anyone, whether you’re a teenager dealing with challenging situations at school, a mum coping with kids at home or a corporate worker stretched to the absolute limit. These situations all serve up different challenges, but the results can be the same: chronic stress, anxiety, sadness, imbalances in the brain and energy centers – or just generally feeling out of sorts

You’ll complete the course with the tools to…

+ bring down your level of stress
+ increase your life energy
+ regain clarity / productivity
+ feel more balanced in stressful situations
+ be more connected with yourself
+ Feel integrated and grounded and able to respond not react to situations and thoughts

These skills are the best kind of self-help - no book or therapist required!


No prerequisites. Just an open mind to learn new techniques to use in your daily life. These techniques are from a Kinesiology energy-based modality background.

If you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful therapy and modality of Kinesiology visit

if you wish to purchase my E-motion card deck you see in the last bonus video visit

To order the card deck outside Australia, please contact me directly for postage details at

About the instructors

Amanda Adey

Professional Kinesiologist- Health & wellness
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As a kinesiologist, I work with women, men and children of all ages to diffuse any stress imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit by using a range of energy techniques. My ultimate outcome for you is vitality, wellness, truth, integrity, and connection of who you are and how to reach your full potential of happiness and wellness.

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