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Tame your Sugar Gremlin

Control your sugar cravings, have more energy, be less cranky and shed those extra pounds, by beating insulin resistance

Tame your Sugar Gremlin

Control your sugar cravings, have more energy, be less cranky and shed those extra pounds, by beating insulin resistance
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This first lecture will get you psyched to take on and defeat your sugar gremlin
This lecture will unpack the 10 weapons you can be deployed to Tame your Sugar Gremlin
It is hard to fight something your cannot see, but sugar gremlins do leave clues….... In this lesson, you will be guided to identify your sugar gremlin's characteristics and behaviour patterns. By piecing together this information, you can create a profile of your sugar gremlin. Your profile will be an invaluable tool, in your efforts to Tame your Sugar Gremlin, since the more you understand your sugar gremlin's behaviours and motives, the more likely you are to be able to thwart it's activities.
Your sugar cravings are not caused by a lack of self-control, your brain's needs and desires, give life to the sugar gremlin in your head.
Insulin is released in response to a carbohydrate snack, but when you're insulin resistant, you kick off a wild rollercoaster ride………….of sugar highs and lows, which see you reaching for another sugar snack.
You don't have to ELIMINATE carbs completely, to "fix" the cycle of bad body chemistry that is driving those cravings, just lowering your carb count, a little, is all that it takes to rein in the insulin and stop those sugar cravings.
Carbs are not created equal - in this lecture you'll discover which carbs to include and which to avoid.
Quick one page summary of the Cut the Carbs section
By adding protein to your meal, you slow the sugar dump significantly - helping to avoid the bad body chemistry which drives sugar cravings
When every bite you take, obeys the RULE OF THIRDS i.e. it includes carbs, protein and fat, your brain has time to get the message - YOU'RE FULL.
Feeling fuller begins with feeding "the family" and you've got a BIG FAMILY
Handy one page summary of the Add protein, fat and fiber section
When the lights go down and the neighbourhood is quiet, sugar gremlins come out to play. You need to lock those doors and windows and hide under the covers. Sometimes the easiest way to win a fight, is to avoid contact.
Every night, your night valet is supposed to get your ready for bed.............. many modern valets, don't do their job efficiently, in this lesson, you'll learn how to put your night valet to work
Caffeine gives your sugar gremlin both pain and this lesson, you'll learn how to use caffeine wisely
One page sheet summarizing the Nap ALL NIGHT section
Your brain can tell time, but it is not clairvoyant, which means............... when you skip a meal, your brain interprets this as the start of a famine. In this lesson, we learn why the famine message fuels your sugar gremlin.
In this lesson we review dinner practices that can put sugar gremlins off their food, as well as a few, that get them loading up their plates for seconds.
A handy one page guide to the Dos and Don't of dinner time
In this lesson you learn, why if you can't manage to yodel, whilst you're yanking those muscles, you're working up a sweat to FEED your sugar gremlin.
A handy one page sheet outlining how to move more to get results
In this lesson we learn more about the brain's fun theme park, packed full of exhilarating FUN rides.
Sugar addicts routinely use a dollop of sugar to buy tickets, but sugar is not the only way to get in the magical kingdom, there are other ways to buy tickets. In this lesson, we explore some alternative ways to get inside.....
A handy list of some of the ways you can feel good that don't involve munching on food
In this lesson we learn about the pros and cons of filling up on liquids.
A glass of apple juice is full of anti-oxidants and things - WHOOHOO ! But, it is also FULL OF SUGAR. In this lesson, we learn why fruit juice is gremlin juice.
Unlike other parts of you, sugar gremlins don't get much of a buzz from the alcohol, but they do get hangovers. In this lesson we learn, why sugar gremlins emerge after a night of drinking.
In this lesson, we finally answer the BIG question - what should you choose to drink, if you want to Tame your Sugar Gremlin
A one page summary of exactly what you should order your gremlin to drink
It starts off innocently, you're satisfying a REAL energy need............ but if you do something a couple of times, your brain stops thinking and just does. No thinking brings T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
In this lesson we "cue in" to what sets off your sugar gremlin.............. and discover a way, to re-write some of your habit loops
In this lesson, we listen in on the chatter going on deep inside your head................. and provide some pointers that will see your angel voice prevail
In this lesson we come face to face with common triggers. Remember, if you can spot them, you can make a plan to beat them.
A one page summary, that helps you get on top of mindless sugar gremlin feeding sessions.
In this lesson we discover how to use heat to defeat your sugar gremlin.
STRESS causes you to be hungry for NICE THINGS...... BUT this is precisely what you need to survive a STRESS FULL MOMENT.
Stress is not an emotion, it is a chemical reaction - to begin DE-STRESSING, you need to change the chemistry.
A one page summary of stress induced munching.
Fat cells are more than just an aesthetic problem............. they're one of the reasons you sugar gremlin is SO ACTIVE.
As the coach to your body's cells, thyroid hormones play a pivotal role in body energy management ...................when your coach has lost his whistle, your sugar gremlin will rule.
Sugar gremlins are "sexual" beings.............they notice what "your hormones" are up to.
When you're feeling BLUE...............your sugar gremlin will show up with a box of tissues AND a BIG PIECE of chocolate cake.
And many of these chemicals, can put your sugar gremlin into overdrive. In this lecture we look at prescription meds, artificial sweeteners, along with other food ingredients...... sometimes you've got to think BIGGER than just carbs, fats and proteins.
Your sugar gremlin is A NICE GUY - REALLY. He is always trying to help - so when your body is short on supplies, he helps out, by going shopping...............
You're probably feeling like CANDY FLOSSING is work – surely there must be a short cut. In this lesson, we explore ways to poison your sugar gremlin.

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Dr. Sandy

Creator of Better Body Chemistry
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I have studied and taught pharmacology for the past 30 years, but the information based on good science, which I give my students, is not packaged in such a way, as  to be accessible to the ordinary person.  Today, through my business, I make science based advice accessible to individuals in their homes, schools and workplaces. 

In addition to on line courses, the Better Body Chemistry  blog is a free resource, packed with tips and strategies, that will help you create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. 

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