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Welcome to Business Etiquette Essentials: Adding The Polish That Builds Profits. I am your instructor, Lydia Ramsey. This video is an example of what you will see in the beginning of each of my four content sections. Included in Business Etiquette Essentials are these four overall topics: Clients come to you for your expertise, your service and your products. They become loyal to you because of your interpersonal skills. They stay with you because of your ability to establish and maintain relationships. "Business Etiquette Essentials" has been created to help you build those relationships while you build profits.


Hello, I'm Lydia Ramsay, president and founder of manners that sell a business etiquette firm offering keynotes and seminars to people who want to be at ease in business situations, and to organizations that want their employees to represent them well in the marketplace. Welcome to my training series. Each presentation is designed to give you tips and techniques that will help you add the polish that builds profits. In a world where rudeness is rampant. Having good manners in business will help you to out class and to outlast your competition. All the tips and techniques that I'm going to give you in these presentations are ones that are easy to apply to your everyday life.

You can use these techniques with your clients, with your colleagues and with your coach. workers and if you do, you will see the immediate results. I hope you find this session enjoyable, informative and profitable. Thank you for watching.

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