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Mapping Out Your Finish Line - In Advance!

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Those who are persuasive know exactly what they want. And but they can sum up in one sentence. So that's my challenge to you, every time you're speaking to someone in the workplace, presenting something, trying to move something along, have a clear cut sense of exactly what you want the person or group of people to do and I'd recommend you write it down. So that's part of the homework after this particular lecture is done, I want you to go into the discussion section right here and write down in one sentence. One thing you're trying to persuade someone in your workplace to do. The reason this is so crucial is a lot of people make the fundamental blunder of talking, presenting, trying to persuade people and they're not even sure themselves what they want the person to do before you know what they've told them everything they've ever done everything they've ever Want to do?

The person listening to you, or the group of people listening to you was just left kind of confused, highly successful people who are very persuadable in the workplace. What they do is they know exactly what they want. I want this person to buy from me, I want this person to sign a contract. I want this person to give us a free trial for one month to see if this is a good fit. I want this person to hire me. It's not so general and vague and fuzzy as Oh, I want this person to think I'm smart.

Or I want this person to think I'm hard working attitude. They big and fuzzy, in general, and generic. So if you want to be someone who's good at persuading, you have to know what you're actually trying to do. As I mentioned back in Cub Scouts, I was trying to persuade people to buy the peanut brittle as a fundraiser. Very clear goal. I didn't succeed, but you're not going to make that same mistake anymore.

Know exactly what you're asking people to do. You can't be confused if you're confused. They will definitely be confused. The first step, write it down in one sentence. What is it you're trying to get people to do?

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