Conquering Your Fear To Pitch Again

1 minutes
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As I mentioned to you, just because someone you're trying to persuade, didn't say yes right away doesn't mean you can't come back to them. And ask again, you don't want to be annoying or irritating. But let me practice what I preach because the vast majority of you did not record yourself on video giving a persuasive speech and upload it and put the link here in the discussion, as I asked you to resign. So again, it's just one more time. Again, I'll still love you. If you don't do it, you'll still get a certificate of completion, from Udemy even if you don't do it.

But I'm still gonna ask you again because I think I can help you even more. The other lesson from this is, I'm okay, not being persuasive. 100% of the time, I'm okay. If you look down and say, well, gosh, not that many people followed up on Teacher He might not be that persuasive. Now, I don't persuade everyone of every thing I'm doing all the time. Sometimes I stretch further hoping if I can just get one or 2% that's good too.

So that's the lesson I want to leave you with. Don't be afraid to go back to someone if they haven't given you a hard now, because not many people with you wrote in the discussion you would never do that. Don't be afraid to go back and ask again. Just be polite about it not too needy. And also realize it's okay if you don't succeed 100% of the time with everything you're trying to do to persuade people

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