Note: I Probably Shouldn't Have to Mention This, But Don't Lie

1 minutes
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This isn't really a full lecture here. It's more of a side note disclosure, when you're trying to persuade people don't lie. Number one is just not a nice thing to do. Number two, I hope you have ethics that would preclude that. I know there are some wildly successful people in the world who everybody knows they're liars. And they're successful, and they're billionaires, and sometimes they have high political offices and powers.

But I'm assuming you want a career for the long term and you care about your reputation. And you're not just after one quick approval of a budget today or one quick sale. You want to build a career you want to build a reputation, you want to build a legacy. So don't lie be truthful. Be confident that your statements when you're trying to persuade someone and any other time will stand up to scrutiny and a fair minded person And who really looks at what you said and had a lot of other available facts in front of them would conclude that you were honest and ethical and fair, and maybe you didn't convince the person. But people still have a strong sense that you're a fair decent person because ultimately, if you want to persuade more and more people, your reputation as someone who's honest is crucial.

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